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scissor lock

Cason vs Kasee - Custom Video Series 91

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

This was a custom ordered by a really great fan of the show this was the script he sent us we brought to life in this video.

Cason vs KaseeBattle for security guard. 
- Cason / Kasee are in the bedroom with Cason relaxing on the bed and Kasee using Cason's ipad on the floor reading up on a job interview tomorrow for a security guard. Cason wants to call it a night and tells Kasee to go home, but Kasee is insistent he stays longer to research and his internet speed is quicker.  
- Cason gets frustrated and takes the ipad away from Kasee. Using his superior height, Cason holds the ipad up high as Kasee tries to jump up and reach it unsuccessfully. Kasee is determined though, and jumps on the bed to gain some height and puts Cason in a sleeper. Kasee, sacrificing a hand to get the ipad claims victory but Cason rallies, throwing Kasee back down on the bed. 
- Now infuriated, Cason elbow drops Kasee a few times whilst he's on the bed before jamming Kasee's head between his quads whilst Kasee lays on his back on the bed. Kasee struggles and after a while taps to Cason's amusement! Cason picks up the ipad whilst Kasee is recovering and sees Kasee was looking at 'restraining moves'. In interest, Cason begins performing a few on Kasee! 
- Still on the bed, Cason locks on a figure four head scissor whilst looking at demo pictures from the laptop. Following instructions, Cason puts Kasee out! Cason then tries a full weight choke sleeper on Kasee whilst lying on top of him to perform a second KO! Rolling Kasee onto his front, Cason armlocks him as another way to restrain, causing Kasee to tap again, followed by a camel clutch! Cason says 'just following the rule book!" 
- With Cason sat on top of Kasee still checking the laptop for moves, Kasee insists Cason let him leave so he can go home ahead of the interview tomorrow. Cason initially agrees and gets off Kasee, but as Kasee leaves, Cason puts him in a sleeper and pulls him back to the bed to KO him for a final time. Completely out, Cason gets some duck tap from his bedside draw and restrains Kasee's hands, feet and mouth and puts him in the cupboard! 
- The next morning, Cason steps into the room dressed in Security and poses in the mirror. He hears a mumble from the cupboard and opens to find the still restrained Kasee! Cason mocks and says 'sorry Bro, I saw how much that job paid and went for the interview myself! I got it!' Cason agrees to let Kasee go if he kisses his ass in defeat, Kasee does, but Cason just pushes him back in the cupboard stating 'you can stay another night!