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Cason vs Ken with Kuma - Mat Rats 148

$ 31.25

Cason, Ken, and Kuma all address the audience telling them how much they just don't give a f*ck about their opponents. Kuma referees the match and Cason and Ken jump into action immediately. Ken gets a side headlock but Cason overpowers him lifting him up on his broad, ripped shoulders. He flips him down HARD over his back on the mat before jumping on top of him! Ken gets an advantage with a full nelson on the mat before grabbing a dirty ball claw forcing Cason to struggle out. He continues gut punching Cason before Kuma breaks up the match telling Ken "No nut shots". The action is then continued but Ken has lost his momentum and Cason takes over. Ken is frustrated and resorts to a low blow! Kuma steps in telling them once again that there are "NO NUT SHOTS!" When Kuma steps in once again Cason gets frustrated and tells Kuma to get the f*ck out! The match continues again with Ken locking in a smothering chest to chest bearhug taking the air out of his opponent. He smashes his abs with his foot stomping on Cason. The two lock back up with Cason returning the chest to chest bearhug. When Cason starts to put his heel into Ken's balls, Kuma runs in with a vicious clothesline! Kuma throws off his referee shorts and him and Cason lock up. With a gauntlet of side head locks, full nelsons, over the knee backbreakers, rear sleepers, and gut punches the two angry bodybuilders go at it! After having his back worked over, Cason has had enough. He fights out and gets Kuma in a dragon sleeper. He uses a gut punch to disguise an attack on Kuma's nipple! Back on their feet, Kuma uses a cheap shot to get Cason down before grabbing a chair and using a FLYING ELBOW DROP to knock Cason nearly unconscious! He then locks in a sleeper to finish the job. He drags Ken back over to get the pin on a knocked out Cason.

But when does Cason ever go down that easy? This match is not over until he gets a final word...