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Cason crushes Kid Romeo's head with a standing body scissors on Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Cason vs Kid Romeo - Rough & Ready 105

$ 31.25

“My f***ing legs are MASSIVE, bro!”

Poor Kid Romeo.  You have to wonder who he’s pissed off.  Did he wrong someone in a former life?  Did he kick a kitten on the way to work?  Whatever the reason, Mr Mike seems to have it in for him, matching him up against the biggest and best of Thunder’s Arena!  Today he’s matched against the awesome physical specimen that is Cason!  Bodybuilder Cason has been making a MASSIVE name for himself at Thunder’s, garnered a huge fan base and established himself as a bona fide star-in-the-making!  Can Kid Romeo survive a match with this stud?

The match begins with some cocky talk from Kid Romeo, goading Cason into lunging for him.  Kid knows that, if he’s to have any chance of winning, he’s going to have to use his speed to keep out of the bodybuilder’s reach!  Kid Romeo ducks under Cason’s arms, narrowly avoiding the charging muscleman as a Matador avoids the bull!  But a fatal misstep from Kid Romeo sees him stumble and, quick as a flash, Cason is upon him and pulling his lithe body into his waiting thighs!  Cason has possibly the most powerful legs we’ve ever seen, and he LOVES to use them on his opponents!  Cason locks his ankles and squeezes poor Kid, flexing his huge biceps as he piles on the pressure.  But Kid Romeo is nothing if not stubborn – he struggles and squirms, eventually wriggling his way out of the steel trap!  With Cason still on the mat, Kid quickly throws himself on the bodybuilder for a quick pin!  1…2…NO!  Cason literally throws Kid off him before dragging him back into those deadly legs!  Cason crushes the smaller man, grinning as he feels Kid’s strength slipping away!  Every muscle in Cason’s body bulges out as he applies a devastating POWER SQUEEZE!  Kid Romeo’s eyes are screwed shut in pain as he tries valiantly to be anywhere else but there!  Amazingly, and to his credit, Kid Romeo refuses to submit, and eventually manages to escape!  But his triumph is short-lived as Cason chokelifts him high off the mat and parades him around before dropping him down!  Cason is not holding back and Kid is soaking up the punishment!  Kid Romeo tries to recover, but Cason denies him the chance and drags him up for a Full Nelson!  Cason’s body looks like it’s been oiled as he sweats from the effort of beating on the poor Kid!  But still Kid Romeo refuses to submit!

Cason decides to up his game and clamps on a Standing Headscissor, his killer quads crushing Kid Romeo’s skull!  “You’re done now!” Cason exclaims as he flexes his HUGE biceps!  Cason falls to the side, taking the hold to the mat and cinching it in even tighter!  The bodybuilder’s quads flare out as Kid endures the inexorable, unrelenting SQUEEEZE!!  But Kid Romeo still refuses to submit, eventually succumbing to the crushing coils!  But the match doesn’t end there, oh no – Cason has a lesson to teach!  What other punishment does Cason have in mind for Kid Romeo?  Will the Kid survive this ULTRA BEATDOWN?  A truly DOMINATING and DEVASTATING finisher that has to be seen to be believed!


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