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Crucifix big vs little

Cason vs Kid Tough - Battlespace 127

$ 34.75

Big vs little fans, class is in session, but this rookie has no clue the BEATING he's about to face! "This is my next match? You got to be slow as crap dude. There's no way you can keep up!" The arrogant 150lbs rookie Kid Tough is not impressed circling his 220lbs competition. "It's not all about moving; sometimes it's just about looking!" Cason flexes his guns of steel; when out of nowhere, the newb jumps on his back trying for a headlock but is tossed down and rolled into a tight cradle! "This is too easy!" The muscle beast lays on top of Kid Tough SMOTHERING him into the mat and challenges him to do push-ups, but he can barely move struggling to breathe, "You weigh so much!" The rookie stumbles to his feet surprising the vet with an impressive full nelson, but it doesn't last long. Cason picks up Kid Tough in a TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY, "You're lite. It's like playing around with my little brother!" "Everyone's lite compared to you!" The rookie regains his balance and jumps on his back again trying for a takedown. Cason is getting annoyed and falls back on the mat CRUSHING Kid Tough like a bug! "Why do you weigh so much?" It's time for this kid to learn a lesson: a grueling Boston crab and over-the-knee back breaker has Kid Tough down for the count, but he still won't quit. "You got heart kid. How old are you?" "Old enough to beat you!" The newbie SPRINGS up finally taking the big man down and locks in a scissor/sleeper combo, but Cason escapes again. Like a monkey, Kid Tough tries again and again climbing all over the mountain of muscle for a takedown, but he can't capitalize. "We're gonna play mercy. I wanna see what it's like with a guy your size!" The overconfident lite weight accepts but soon regrets his decision as he is easily overpowered and taken down. Cason wraps his TREE TRUNK quads around Kid Tough in a brutal head scissors as he screams in pain! The 70lbs weight advantage is taking a toll on the newb, but he still won't quit. With both muscle titans back on their feet, the rookie flies through the air toppling the giant with a TRIANGLE CHOKE! Cason struggles but manages to break free before passing out. "I was actually surprised by that! That was a good move; you're just really weak!" Kid Tough is about to learn the hard way what Cason can do: bearhugs, camel clutch, chokelifts, gut punches, a fireman's carry so rough the lite weight is SHAKEN like a rag doll. "Do you know where you're at? This is Thunder's Arena!" The rookie can barely move as Cason delivers a vicious DRAGON SLEEPER sending him straight into oblivion! Kid Tough may be down but not out as he recovers and wants revenge: an elbow drop, full nelson, a STANDING CRUCIFIX! Cason crumbles to his knees and is in trouble! Will this be the ultimate comeback story? You gotta see it to find out!