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Cason vs Kuma - Custom Video Series 159

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Kuma and Cason start out playfully bantering back and forth, joking how each one is stronger and can withstand anything the other can dish out

- Cason gets Kuma down to the ground and places him in a figure four leg lock. He jokes with him a bit and then starts tickling him.

- After Kuma gets back up, he quickly gets Cason to the ground and returns the figure four leg lock. He decides to try tickling Cason. He does it for a bit to see how long Cason can last. When he sees Cason's reaction, he decides to tickle him each time he gets Cason into a hold or pin.

- Kuma gets Cason, face down,to the floor. Kuma folds Cason's legs up and sits on them. He takes one hand and holds one of Cason's hands behind his back. Kuma then begins to tickle Cason. Cason quickly taps out, however, Kuma ignores it for a bit, after a while he finally let's him go

- Kuma gets Cason, face down, to the floor again and lifts one of Cason's legs up under his arm. He holds Cason there for a while and then proceeds to tickle him again.

- The final move, Cason wrestles Kuma to the floor, this time face up, and puts him in a figure four leg lock again. Kuma begs Cason, however, Cason ignores this request and begins tickling Kuma. Cason asks Kuma if he submits. Kuma quickly submits, however, Cason doesn't stop tickling and saying "are you sure you submit? I can't hear you" Finally Cason lets Kuma go and leaves the room, while Kuma lays on the floor trying to recover.