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head scissors

Cason vs Loki part 2 - Bodybuilder Battles 130

$ 34.75

"Son of a b****!" Loki BARRELS in like a freight train hoisting Cason up in a massive shoulder carry! "What did I do? Is it cuz I beat you last time; trying to get your revenge?" laughs the vet. "Hardly, I almost beat you!" taunts Loki SLAMMING Cason on his back as he coughs to breathe. The muscle hunks lock up as Cason picks up the beast across his boulder shoulders in a fireman's carry SHAKING him up and down injuring his abs! Loki gasps for air as he's dumped on his back barely able to move. With his victim immobile, Cason crushes his abs with his foot and punches his beefy pecs, "Man you're looking thicker. How much weight have you gained?" "Screw you!" Loki trips the vet to the mat and retaliates with a barrage of vicious ELBOW DROPS to his ripped chest as he struggles for air. "I'm starting to get used to the pain," groans Cason. The behemoth wraps his tree trunk quads around the vet in SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, "Used to that pain huh?" "I can't hear you; your quads are massive!" Loki flexes tighter and tighter as the vet tries desperately to escape the excruciating pain punching his abs and quads. "You can't; it's just too thick!" taunts Loki. Finally, the struggle pays off as Cason is able to roll out and lays on top of the muscle beast, "Can you push me up?" "B****, you only weigh like 30lbs!" Loki begins BENCH PRESSING the vet up and down with ease then retaliates with a brutal banana split as Cason screams in pain! Both behemoths get back to their feet and compare their mounds of muscle. "That's like vegan biceps!" mocks Loki flexing his thick beefy arms. Cason isn't about to be disrespected and takes the big man down to his knees in a massive tie up! Out of nowhere, Loki delivers a vicious LOW BLOW sending the vet crashing to the mat. With his victim barely moving, the muscle beast wraps his powerful pythons around Cason in BONE-SHATTERING front and rear bearhugs sucking every last breath from his lungs! "My ribs!" The vet grows weaker every second that passes and tries breaking away bearhugging Loki back, but it's too late! Cason can't take the unbearable pain and is forced to submit, "I'm done!" You think Loki's revenge is complete, but things are about to get much worse! Cason can barely get to his knees before the muscle beast rolls him into another GRUELING banana split! "You're a little b****!" screams the vet. "I'm a what?" A dark side emerges as Loki rolls his victim back and forth in the hold SLAMMING Cason harder and harder on the back of his head! The vet is completely dazed barely able to get up, "I've got a headache!" Loki is unstoppable and wraps his meaty bicep around Cason's throat in a sleeper dropping him to his knees! The vet's arms flail in the air powerless to escape as he crumbles to the mat passing out. Loki flexes his juicy muscles then wakes his victim up DRAGGING him into a brutal Boston crab and crippling camel clutch! "My back!" groans Cason. The action intensifies: forearm blows to the back, a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, chokelift, a devastating dragon sleeper! Can Cason make a come back, or will Loki finally get his revenge?