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Cason vs Loki - Vegas Battles 103

$ 31.25

The bet is on! In this 28 MINUTE MATCH Loki is refusing to shave his beard, and after Ashton89 could not enforce the rules for Mr. Mike, Cason decides he will do it instead. The bet is that if Cason wins a match between him and Loki, then Loki will shave his beard. 

Loki is taking a nap when Cason launches himself on top of him. The two Thunders Arena studs find themselves wrestling in the bathroom when Cason decides to grab a razor and get ready to shave Loki's beard. After a few moves are exchanged, Cason carries Loki over to the bedroom window to admire the Las Vegas view from the hotel. After some flexing, Loki grabs Cason in a full nelson hold that is only snapped by Cason aggressively pulling Loki's beard. The match then switches rooms again as the two alpha males move to the wrestling mat. The match is a back and forth between the Thunders Arena stars with a full range of moves, flexing and muscle comparisons, and a lot of aggressive pulls on Loki's beard. The match ends with one wrestler put to sleep on the mat. Will Loki have to shave his beard? Or will Cason be the one regretting taking the bet...