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Cason vs Loki - Vegas Battles 113

$ 34.75

Cason is shaving his body to get ready for his match. All of a sudden Loki comes in. "What are you doing?" Cason tells him it's summer and he wants to be ready. "I see a bunch of bodybuilders like you and Stallion looking all shaved and ripped!" Last time that Cason and Loki wrestled the bet was if Loki lost he had to shave his beard, so here he is now with no beard now. Loki compares himself to a greased bear as he flexes in the mirror while Cason finishes shaving. He finishes and starts to flex off with Loki in the bathroom mirror. Both studs talk smack and check out the others muscles. "How often do you flex in the mirror?" Cason asks Loki. "Probably 7 to 8 times a day." Both guys decide it is time to move to the main room so they can wrestle. Both guys stretch and get their bodies ready for an intense match. Cason launches a sneak attack on Loki. He grabs him in a rear sleeper hold pushes his face into the window. Loki fights out and the two wrestlers lock up in a test of strength. With their biceps bulging and their chests getting pumped up they go back and forth. After a clean break, they tie up and Loki lifts Cason up into a TIGHT chest to chest bearhug. Cason struggles to free himself but cannot get out of Loki's grip. Loki tosses Cason on the bed and grabs him in a vicious ankle lock pulling him towards the edge of the bed. Both guys break out and Cason wants to try competitions to see who is stronger. They decide on a timed Bearhug competition! Cason starts a timer and lifts Loki up into a bearhug. Loki eventually gives up from Cason's bearhug. After tossing him down, Cason does push ups to show off. Loki runs over to the timer and cheats by resetting it to only 4 seconds 😂. But, he eventually gives up the truth. Now it is his turn for the bearhug. He grabs Cason and locks in a vice grip bearhug. Cason gives up in short time, and is visibly exhausted. Loki puts his foot on his chest and flexes. Cason takes a cheap shot into Loki's calf! Loki grabs him in a camel clutch and drags him to give him a view of Las Vegas. He then sits on him and the smack talk continues. Loki delivers a quick stomp to Cason's back and that gives him a second wind! He stands up and ties Loki up before lifting him on his shoulders and pushing his glutes up against the window. Cason turns and flexes into the mirror, but Loki rushes him and puts him up in a full nelson. He then pushes Cason's face up against the window. Cason doesn't want that and breaks out. He tosses Loki on to the bed and climbs in with him. He locks in a boston crab and tortures Loki bending his back until he is about to break! They tie back up and Loki gets the advantage lifting Cason up. Cason gives some punches into Loki's abs and he throws him down. Back on the bed, Loki jumps on top of Cason and wraps his hands around his throat. He grips until Cason passes out. He gives a few slaps to Cason's face to wake him up, but he is not moving! Will Loki get the better of Cason this time around? Or maybe a surprise ending will have you on the edge of your seat...