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Cason vs Marco - Battlespace 109

Cason vs Marco - Battlespace 109

$ 34.75

There will be BLOOD!!!
That's right, someone will bleed in this BRUTAL match up! Marco is in the living room and hears Cason got a new puppy. He asks Cason for some tips on dog training but really isn't interested what Cason has to say. Marco tells Cason he can train him like a dog and commands him to sit! Cason isn't going to take this disrespect, and the match is on!
Marco takes Cason down to the mat trying for a pin! Cason takes advantage and ball claws Marco! Marco recovers, straddles Cason's chest, and covers his mouth with his hand, so he can't speak. He then applies a MASSIVE head scissors! Cason retaliates and takes Marco down in a leg and arm lock. "You wish you knew how to wrestle!" says Marco. Cason tells Marco he needs to work on his tan. He pins his arms, lays on Marco's back in a tanning position, crushing him with his 230 pounds! He then puts Marco in a CRIPPLING Boston crab! Marco gets a crazy mat burn and is bleeding from the arm! The match takes a time out.
MARCO WANTS REVENGE! Cason is thrown on the couch and repeatedly punched and elbow dropped! Marco even does a FLYING BODY SPLASH on Cason! He head scissors and puts Cason in a Boston crab then delivers a ball claw! Marco then locks in a head scissors asking Cason what his payback should be for his arm? Cason escapes, pins Marco's head down, and tells Marco he's gonna mat burn his face!! Marco escapes but is picked up in a fireman's carry bounced up and down. "My ribs. I think you broke my rib!" screams Marco. Cason then chokes Marco and ball claws him. He pulls Marco's arm between his own legs CRUSHING his balls! Cason puts Marco in a sleeper, and the veteran goes out!
Cason wakes Marco up and puts him in a reverse head scissor. He picks Marco up in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug then another head scissor! Marco refuses to tap. Cason decides to repeatedly stomp on Marco's chest then rolls him up in a tight pin. Marco is eating his knees! Cason then starts choking Marco out with his own arm! Marco is winded but escapes.
The loser is put in a DRAGON SLEEPER and commanded to flex their abs! They go to sleep, wake up, and are put in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissor until they pass out in defeat! Will Marco get his revenge for his bleeding arm or will Cason get the win? Buy this match to find out!!