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Cason vs Mark Muscle - Mat Rats 134

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Things get down and dirty as Mark Muscle and Cason battle to make each other their bitch! A sexy flex off has both wrestlers arguing over who has the better body. Pissed off, Mark Muscle wraps his meathook hand around Cason's throat and chokes him into the wall. Cason groans in pain as the 300lbs giant strikes with brutal gut punches and chops to the chest. His beefy pecs glowing red, Cason crumbles to the mat in agony. "On your knees!" orders the dominant Mark Muscle ready to make Cason his bitch. Attacks to the ass and a vicious scissor/sleeper combo have Cason straining to escape before going limp in Mark Muscle's powerful arms. The 300lbs giant slowly muscle worships his motionless victim before waking him up for more torture. Things get hot and heavy as Mark Muscle and Cason roll around and mount each other's abs in a battle for the top. "How you like that bitch?" whispers Cason pinning Mark Muscle down. The steamy action continues with ab claws, gut punches, bodysplashes, and dirty tricks. Ready for payback, Cason breaks away and attacks the muscle giant with a camel clutch, head scissors, and brutal Boston crab. Mark Muscle screams in pain and struggles to his feet as the bitch battle rages on! Chokelifts, a grueling over-the-knee back breaker, gorilla press, and vicious ab attack leads to a heart-stopping knockout! "You're my bitch!" declares the sinister winner. Who will be left standing?