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body builders choking each other

Cason vs Mic Long - Vegas Battles 51

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Thunder’s Arena is back in Vegas – and Scrappy brings a new recruit!

Scrappy and Cason meet in a Vegas suite and there is obviously still some ill feeling in the air!  Scrappy remembers all too well what happened the last time these two met and he is eager to get some measure of payback on the taller bodybuilder.  In fact, Scrappy is so confident in his plan that he offers Cason a bet - $100 that Scrappy’s new find will “come in here and kick your ass!”  Cason thinks this is easy money, shoving the bill into his trunks.  Enter Mic Long, Scrappy’s ‘partner in crime’ and Thunder’s newest recruit!  Mic Long is a ripped, lean muscle stud who, whilst not as big as Cason, has certainly seen the inside of a gym!  Cason circles Mic, checking out his opponent and sizing him up – Cason has no doubt at all that that $100 is his!  Cason isn’t impressed, but then – neither is Mic Long, accusing Cason of having ‘Instagram Muscles’ – fighting talk from the newbie!  Cason invites Mic to feel is bicep – “That’s Thunder’s Arena muscle right there!”  Mic smiles – “This is gonna be so much better when I win!”  That’s the line for Cason – he shoves Mic, sending the smaller man stumbling backwards – but Mic shoves right back, getting in Cason’s face before the two start pec barging each other!  Mic Long definitely has confidence in abundance!

An intense battle ensures, with Cason overpowering Mc to the mat where he immobilizes him and trash talks him down!  Mic struggles hard to escape, but Cason uses his size advantage to keep the smaller man in check.  Both are breathing hard as they jockey for position.  “Just planning my next move” says Mic – suddenly he lashes out with his legs, catching Cason’s neck in an Ankle Scissor!  Cason has no choice but to shift his focus to Mic Long’s lean legs, giving up his position.  “I’m a little impressed”, admits Cason.  The two men lock up again and this time Mic is all over Cason, using his speed to work the bodybuilder to the mat and catching him in a choke hold.  Trash talk flows from Mic’s mouth like wine from a bottle as Cason struggles to get free – Mic makes a critical mistake as he mounts Cason’s widescreen back, giving the muscle hunk chance to get to his feet with Mic hanging on for dear life!  Cason bounces, jarring his muscular lats into Mic’s torso, forcing the newbie to let go and fall to the mat.  Cason flexes as Mic recovers, his muscles pumped beyond belief!

Another lock-up and Cason works Mic into a crushing Cradle, but the lean muscle boy escapes – Cason is beginning to get angry as he fails to put Mic away!  Mic Long slaps on a cradle of his own, stretching Cason out before switching to a double-leg version!  Cason opens up with the big guns, catching Mic Long in a HUGE and POWERFUL bearhug – Mic Long SCREAMS long and loud as he feels first-hand the power of Cason!  But Cason’s sweaty muscle starts to work against him as his energy is sapped – Cason unleashes everything he has, but Mic just will not take it lying down; he’s making Cason work HARD for every move and hold!  Can Mic pull off an upset in his debut match and defeat the muscle god?  Or will Cason pocket the money and put the newbie away?  Find out for yourself in this not-to-be-missed, superb debut match from Mic Long – one of the most impressive debuts we’ve seen in a long time!