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Cason vs Phish - Mat Rats 168

$ 31.59

Phish steps right up to Cason with a kick straight to the gut! Cason falls hard and Phish stands over him in a dominant stance! Did Phish just make the biggest mistake of his short Thunders career? The two wrestlers lock up and Phish uses a dirty pro trick and steps on Cason's toes! Phish pummels forearms into Cason's back and wraps him up in a rear sleeper/body scissors combo. Cason uses his power to break out of the hold standing toe to toe with Phish but Phish SLAPS Cason across the face! Cason is done being disrespected and takes Phish to the mat. Phish fights back countering Cason's power with professional wrestling moves. Cason will get the upper hand only to find himself wrapped up and being pummeled with lightning fast forearms from Phish!

In a back and forth struggle of figure four leg locks, Phish gets and injury to his lock that halts the action. But Cason is like a tiger hunting prey and does not coming at Phish. Phish is still not backing down and continues countering Cason at every chance he gets. Cason's strength and power begins to take over as the match wears on. Cason lifts Phish up and slams him into the concrete wall over and over as the smacks of skin against concrete echo. Phish begins to give in to Cason's might and the beat down begins. Cason smashes and chokes out the smaller wrestler repeatedly dishing out more vicious punishment as Phish becomes a limp rag doll in his arms. What Cason does next will leave you in shock and awe! Download NOW and find out!