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Cason vs Polish Hammer - Mat Wars 146

$ 25.95

Cason starts off by introducing the Polish Hammer. He allows him to flex off for the camera and show off what he's got. When a little playful pushing and shoving turns more serious, the two guys tie up. The Polish Hammer stays aggressive but is clearly no match for the power and skill of Cason. He is easily pushed, lifted, carried, and shoved wherever Cason wants him. Cason soon begins to wear down his much smaller opponent and does not let up continuing to inflict punishment and torture Polish Hammer while flexing and showing off for the camera. Cason uses his size to literally sit on Polish Hammer and keep control of the match. Polish Hammer shows a glimmer of hope when he counters Cason and gets him in an ab stretch on the mat. That doesn't last too long as Cason breaks away continues his dominance. Sweat begins to pour as both men continue to wrestle through exhaustion. Cason uses leg scissors, side headlocks, brutal back breakers, fireman carries, tight bearhugs, and a big choke lift to inflict pain on Polish Hammer. He tosses him around like a ragdoll all while flexing and talking smack. When will enough be enough? This match will be over when Cason says it is over...