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Cason vs Scrappy - Mat Wars 169

$ 25.95

Run Time: 20 minutes

Cason and Scrappy meet face to face on the mat and the tension builds from the first second! Scrappy pisses Cason off calling him a jobber and then lifts him up over his shoulders in a firemans carry and circles the mat! Scrappy does a few squats and Cason uses a dirty move to take him down. Cason folds Scrappy up and locks him into a hammer lock/sleeper combo! Scrappy fights to stay conscious and Cason does not let up! Cason keeps control with full nelsons and sleeper holds. Scrappy takes an opportunity to take Cason down with a knee to the abs and then uses a surfboard stretch to punish his opponent! He adds insult to injury with a vicious wedgie!

When Cason gets angry he gains control back in the match with brutal tactics. He folds Scrappy in half dragging him around the mat. He locks in a tight head scissors squeezing Scrappy's head like a watermelon before transitioning to a figure four head lock. Cason slams his body weight on top of the smaller Scrappy over and over draining every bit of air from Scrappy's body! When Scrappy keeps fighting, Cason uses a torture rack to crack Scrappy's ribs but before he can Scrappy goes for Cason's eyes with a dirty move making Cason let him go. Cason is not going to let Scrappy get away with dirty moves and uses a slew of power moves including another torture rack and a gorilla press to take Scrappy out permenantly. Is that enough to finish off Scrappy? Download today and see!