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Cason puts Scrappy into a chin lock while flexing his strong muscles on Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Cason vs Scrappy - No Holds Barred 108

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

“I wonder whose ass I’m gonna beat tonight!”

Cason has arrived in style at Thunder’s Arena, taking on some of the biggest stars Mr Mike has thrown at him!  Today is no exception – Cason is facing the fan-favourite superstar, Scrappy!

The video opens on Cason showing off his incredible physique, flexing and posing his hard muscle as he awaits his opponent.  He doesn’t have to wait long – Scrappy enters and immediately starts a gun show of his own!  Scrappy, has in impressive body of his own, but when Cason steps in front of him, Scrappy is practically eclipsed!  The look of awe on Scrappy’s face, tinged with just a little bit of FEAR, says it all!  Cason is utterly unimpressed and shoves Scrappy away from the camera – Scrappy doesn’t take too kindly too that!  The two resume their posedown until suddenly Cason whips behind Scrappy and lifts him HIGH off the mat in a Rear Bearhug!  The unprepared veteran tries to prise Cason’s arms apart, but the bodybuilder is too strong!  Scrappy is in obvious pain, but Cason has a point to make.  He throws Scrappy down to the mat, immediately mounting him for a back-bending Camel Clutch!  With his arms draped over Carson’s rock-hard quads, Scrappy has nowhere to go!  Cason pulls back HARD on Scrappy’s chin, causing the superstar to SCREAM!  Again, Cason could hold out for a submission, but decides to let Scrappy go and pushes him down.  Scrappy gets to his feet and the two lock up – Cason get the advantage and slaps on a killer Full Nelson!  Scrappy’s eyes go wide as Cason’s muscle bears down on his neck!  Again, Cason throws him down – this time he follows up with a CRIPPLING Boston Crab!  Cason keeps the hold on long, ignoring Scrappy’s taps and begging!  Cason is out to humiliate the superstar, and Scrappy is furious!

Cason charges in for another Rear Bearhug, lifting Scrappy up and tossing him from side to side.  Scrappy is being pulverised in Cason’s vice-like grip, but he holds out and doesn’t give!  Cason doesn’t care – he tosses Scrappy away and continues to flex for the camera.  That’s it – Scrappy has had enough of this and SNAPS, firing a nasty low-blow into Cason’s balls!  The muscleman crumples to the mat in pain as Scrappy poses over him!  But the veteran showboats for too long and Cason recovers – the two men lock up again and Scrappy finds himself hoisted over Cason’s cannonball shoulders!  The bodybuilder shows off his strength, doing Squats with Scrappy as the barbell!  Cason’s body glistens with a sheen of sweat as the two gladiators lock-up again – this time Cason gets Scrappy into a seated position and steps over him for a Standing Headscissor!  Scrappy’s world explodes in abject agony as Cason tightens his quads around Scrappy’s head – Scrappy has NEVER felt anything like this!  Cason is MERCILESS and has Scrappy literally begging for release!  Cason throws him aside like garbage –Scrappy responds with another low blow, showing that he’s still in this fight as he launches an all-out attack on Cason’s balls!

Will Scrappy’s dirty moves prove too much for the bodybuilder to handle?  Can Cason come back and defeat the superstar?  This one has SO much more – a long-held Boston Crab, ball claws, chokes, Bearhugs and a DEVASTATING stranglehold!  A shockingly brutal ending seals the loser’s fate!  Cason is a star in the making – you absolutely don’t want to miss out on this one!