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Cason vs Simpson - Vegas Battles 135

$ 25.95

The battle of alpha male egos is on the main stage as Cason and Simpson size each other up comparing muscles while talking trash. Neither bodybuilder wants to back down and Cason takes the first shot locking Simpson up in a tight full nelson shoving him around the mat. But, Simpson's power is hard to overcome and he takes Cason down hard grappling him onto the mat. Simpson's confidence grows bigger and bigger as the match goes on and there is no way Cason is going to back down from a fight! The intensity of the match gives Simpson an advantage with his power as he lifts Cason and spreads him out on the mat, but Cason shows his own strength lifting Simpson in an upside down bearhug. On their feet, Cason keeps control but on the mat Simpson owns the match. Both wrestlers trade full nelsons, sleeper holds, lift and carry moves, leg locks, and pins to wear down their opponent. A short flex allows Cason to sneak in a brutal chest to chest bearhug on Simpson squeezing his ribs to their breaking point! Simpson calls it a cheap move and jumps back on Cason lifting him over his shoulders and slamming him. A bitter fight to the end leaves the loser knocked out after practically begging for more.