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“Aren't you even gonna shake my hand, man?  You just gonna stand there and try to look pretty?”
Thunder's Golden Boy Cason is back – and Mr Mike has thrown him to the Snakes!
Thunder's Arena veteran Cason is back to take on newcomer Snake and these two combatants couldn't be more different – Cason looks resplendent in tight golden trunks, posing and flexing as if he doesn't have a care in the world; on the other hand, Snake, in plain trunks, is just itching to fight, offering his hand to get the match underway.  Cocky Cason just looks at Snake with disdain, then carries on with his posing!  Then, when Cason is done, he tells Snake “Ok, I'm ready for ya” – a fake ‘handshake' from Cason and the match is on!
The two lock up in a Collar & Elbow, jostling for position, when Cason suddenly finds himself hoisted over the rookie's shoulders!  Snake flexes for the camera, before dumping the veteran to the mat and following down to pin the musclehunk.  But Cason is WAY to strong and experienced for that and quickly flips Snake over onto his back, before moving up to a schoolboy pin and flexing his amazing abs over the newbie's face!  Snake is enraged and thrusts hard, causing Cason to lose his balance and topple to the mat.  The rough rookie has clearly done his homework though, as he grabs Cason's leg for an Ankle Lock, torqueing hard and making Cason cry out in pain!  The trash talk tumbles from Snake's mouth, but Cason isn't done yet – in desperation he fires a fist into Snakes balls, forcing him to release the hold as he collapses in agony!
Now neither man is playing as they trade bearhugs and full nelsons, each trying to utterly punish the other.  Cason finds himself in trouble as Snake, well, snakes his arm around Cason's neck in a Dragon Sleeper!  Snake pours everything into the hold, but Cason is the more experienced wrestler and manages to flip the rookie over onto his back – Snake finds himself trapped and smothered by Cason's muscle!  The bodybuilder tries to keep the rookie down – “It's like wrestling a snake!” he tells the camera, and he's not wrong!
Bodies glisten with sweat as Snake traps Cason in a DEVASTATING grapevine, but the bodybuilder bucks and throws Snake off before catching him in a TIGHT bearhug!  Snake screams as Cason pours all his muscle and power into the crushing hold, the effort showing on his face as he SQUEEZES!
The battle rages on – there is clearly no love at all lost here!  Even when one wrestler is rendered UNCONSCIOUS, the match is far from over!  The fight gets dirtier and rougher, with both men reaching deep – “You got me worn out dude!”  This intense match will have you glued to the screen!  A seriously hard-fought, down and dirty, mat FIGHT – trust me when I say you REALLY do not want to miss this one!