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Massage turned Mayhem!
Steel calls his buddy Cason on the phone, "Hello, I just gone done doing a workout with a client. He tried to give me a massage but did a horrible job. Pretty stiff man, could use an actual massage with someone with some real muscle, what do you say?" Cason replies, "Yeah bro, I got time for that. That client doesn't have biceps like these!" "Let's do the wrestling room, bring some of that strength!" 
They meet up on the mat. Cason feels Steel's thick chest and back. "You're pretty tight. You must have got real good pop earlier, you're swole!" admires Cason. "Your biceps getting bigger all the time. I'm excited. I want these traps dug into wth real muscle!" says Steel. The muscle beast lays on the couch, and the massage begins. "I'm a little disappointed." Steel says he's had better massages from rookies. "I ain't a rookie. I've been here for a while. Is that hard enough for you?" Cason begins punching Steel's back harder, "Think you're tough?"
Steel gets up, shoves Cason face into the couch, and SQUEEZES his delts. "That's how I want it to feel!" Cason struggles under the pressure. "I'm gonna teach you how to give a massage!" Steel locks in a tight sleeper. "I thought we were friends?" groans Cason. "Look at that red neck! You're still rookie status!" mocks Steel. The vet lifts Cason in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug shaking him up and down. Cason is in agony and dropped on his neck. Steel rolls the giant over in a Boston crab. "My back!" screams Cason. The "rookie" recovers and lifts Steel in a massive bearhug. "You're gonna crack my ribs!" groans Steel. "I thought they were steel ribs?" Cason delivers his own Boston crab, "I bet you need that massage now!" He chokes Steel with his own arm, and he struggles to breathe! The vet breaks out before he passes out. These muscle giants are winded from the struggle!
Steel gut punches Cason's chiseled abs, chokes him, and threatens to throw him over the railing! "I'm seeing stars and getting tired. You're a big boy you know that!" admires Cason. The muscle giant lifts Steel in a massive FIREMAN'S CARRY threatening to throw him over the railing. "I'm a big boy!" boasts Cason as he throws the vet to the mat. "You're crazy! You could have killed me!" Steel recovers, kicks Cason's abs, and takes him down in a sleeper. "Go lights out!" "No!" Cason is able to roll out, and they tie up. Steel throws Cason down and straddles his chest pinning him down. "What are you gonna do?" Steel flexes his powerful pythons and quads. "These legs are so big. I might be old, but I'm Steel son!" Steel gut punches Cason's abs and rolls him in a head scissor/arm bar. The giant moans in pain. "You gotta go lights out sometime!" orders Steel. 
Cason escapes, CLOTHESLINES Steel, and locks in a tight sleeper! Steel's thick muscles are straining, but miraculously he breaks away! These behemoths are insanely strong! Cason is pissed and locks in a standing head scissor yanking on Steel's arms. "It's where I do the most damage right here!" says Cason. "These legs are huge!" groans Steel. Cason releases the hold and wipes his sweat off with a towel. Steel sneaks behind Cason, applies a half nelson, and starts choking him with the towel. "Pass Out!" Cason goes to sleep! The action continues: scissors, a devastating CHOKELIFT, and multiple sleepers! These massive muscle monsters want to destroy each other! Who will win? You won't want this muscle action to end!