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wrestler in a body scissor

Cason vs Steel - Vegas Battles 42

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Steel's Revenge!

Steel is back and BIGGER than ever ready to take on Cason! He's faced Cason before but was outnumbered and defeated. Now he gets Cason one-on-one!

The match starts with a bicep flex off. Steel has some of the BIGGEST biceps in Thunder's Arena, and he's proud to show them off for the camera. Cason acts like he's in awe then goes for a surprise rear bearhug. Steel is moaning in pain as Cason squeezes tighter and tighter. He releases the hold and lets Steel do a bearhug of his own. BIG MISTAKE!! Steel lifts Cason in a front bearhug picking him up and down crushing his back. Cason says he can't breathe, and the hold is released. Steel comments that Cason is "getting soft" and flexes his BOULDER biceps. Cason has heard enough and picks up Steel in a MASSIVE front bearhug! This is one of the greatest bearhugs in Thunder's history, and Steel is forced to tap out!!

Steel isn't done yet and picks Cason up in a rear bearhug. He transitions to a vicious front bearhug threatening to drop him over the building ledge. Cason tells Steel he is "old news" when it comes to Thunder's and challenges Steel to an arm wrestling match. Surprisingly, both wrestlers come out with one win a piece!

Both decide to take the match to the pool. Steel headlocks Cason and throws him in the pool. They each apply side headlocks then repeatedly hold each other underwater to drown their opponent. Trying to outdo each other, both wrestlers drag their opponent to the side of the pool and repeatedly punch their opponent's abs!! Cason and Steel each deliver a fireman's carry and choke slam each other in the water!!

Steel delivers more gut punches and puts Cason in a side headlock. Cason overpowers him and throws Steel over his shoulder into the water! Cason sits on the pool edge and puts Steel in a MASSIVE head scissors!! Steel is unable to break the hold and is put to sleep with Cason's thighs!! Cason isn't done and TORTURE RACKS Steel, bouncing him repeatedly on his shoulders before tossing him in the water!

Steel recovers and drags Cason to the pool edge. He returns the favor and head scissors Cason with his tree trunk thighs! Cason collapses in the water, and Steel pounces locking in a sleeper hold! Steel's bulging bicep is choking out Cason as he gasps for breath! He drags Cason to the edge of the pool and locks him in a BONE-CRUSHING body scissor!! Cason is coughing struggling to breath as Steel tells him to give up. He refuses and is put to sleep in Steel's body scissors, and he slumps into the water. Steel victory flexes with his boulder biceps as Cason lays passed out on the side of the pool. STEEL IS BACK ON TOP, and revenge has never been sweeter!!


PS - this match is filmed in "webm" format which means you download the video after purchase THEN drag and drop the video file into any Chrome or Firefox web browser to view video after purchase and download.  The quality is ULTA HD and worth watching!  It's cutting edge best format we can deliver to you just remember to open the video file with your web browser Chrome or Firefox and watch it play.  

Will play on any iPhone or iPad or Android as well inside of a Chrome or Firefox web browser as well.