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Cason vs Vinny - Mat Rats 101

Cason vs Vinny - Mat Rats 101

$ 32.95

New-school Wrestler vs Old-school Brawler! The ULTIMATE Test of Strength!

Vinny and Cason, two wrestlers with very different styles and very different fans!  Cason’s godlike physique has won him legions of fans as he outmuscles and his opponents, showing off every gleaming muscle as he does!  Vinny is a Thunder’s veteran who has left a trail of destruction and broken bodies in his wake – Vinny loves nothing more than to rough up and work over his opponents, humiliating them with all kinds of trash talk along the way!  And today, these two titans meet head on!

The video opens on Cason flexing his rock-hard biceps as Vinny starts in on the trash talk.  Cason seems not to notice, he’s more intent on feeling the results of all his hard work in the gym!  The bodybuilder starts to flex his abs, showing off his washboard.  Vinny’s mouth is working overtime – “This guy talks a lot” comments Cason.  “Yeah, I do talk a lot and that’s good – I’m gonna make you whine like a little bitch!”  Cason moves in front of Vinny, putting his abs front and centre for the camera – big mistake dude!  Vinny sees an opportunity and grabs it with both hands, sliding his arms under Cason’s for a Full Nelson.  Cason struggles to escape, but Vinny keeps the hold on tight whilst keeping up a stream of trash talk to get into Cason’s head.  The brawler switches to a rear bearhug, crushing Cason’s chest.  “Damn, you’re strong!”  Cason grits his teeth as he tries to praise Vinny’s arms apart.  But Vinny is having none of it and trips Cason down to the mat.  Vinny gives no quarter and immediately slaps a Camel Clutch on the pretty boy!  Cason’s face is a picture of rage and frustration as he flails in the painful hold.  Vinny releases and drives Cason’s face to the mat, raining blows down on the bodybuilder’s back!  Vinny wraps his meaty arm around Cason’s neck, choking the fan-favourite.  But Cason is no slouch on the mats and manages to reverse out, slapping on a choke of his own!  The two men get to their feet and Cason is again distracted by his own physique!, admiring his hard, ripped quads.  Vinny again takes the opening, bashing Cason’s back with a clubbing forearm.  Cason absorbs the blow, even offering the brawler a free shot – is he insane?!  Vinny instead wraps his arms around Cason’s body, lifting him high off the mat in another rear bearhug!  Cason crumples to the mat in pain, only for Vinny to stomp on his awesome abs!  A tight sleeper hold and Cason is out!

Vinny is far from done as he wakes Cason up with the mother of all chest stretches, Cason’s pumped pecs stretched to the limit!  Vinny is relentless as he slaps on a grinding headscissors, his legs framing Cason’s pain-ridden face!  Cason’s body shines with sweat as he soaks up the punishment, waiting for his moment to turn the tables.  A long test of strength has each man calling on all his reserves to try and drive the other to his knees!  Switching to a single-arm test, the two titans start slugging each other in the gut!  Vinny is forced to his knees as Cason flexes his huge bicep for the camera!

Still neither man is done as they unleash everything they have.  Knockout chokes, gut punches, hammerlocks and more!  Vinny finds himself trapped in Cason’s feared standing headscissors – Cason’s quads swell with power as he flexes and squeezes HARD!  Is it enough to put the loudmouth brawler away?  Can Vinny escape and get revenge on the sweat-soaked superstar?  A rough and very tough match!