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Chad vs Loki - Vegas Battles 89

$ 25.95

“So you think you're gonna be able to go up against me?” “I know I'm about to crush you!”So starts this Vegas Battle of Beach Bum vs Bodybuilder! Chad is a picture of lean, sinewy muscle, without an ounce of fat – decked out in colourful trunks and headband, Chad is every inch the archetypal Surfer Dude. After confidently proclaiming he's about to crush his opponent, Chad bounds onto the mat, ready and raring to go! Loki, on the other hand, is looking bigger than ever and looks like he'd eat Chad as a post-workout snack! Chad tries to get a quick attack in, going for a hand-stand headscissor, but Loki catches him and effortlessly hauls him over his shoulder in a backbreaker! The bodybuilding behemoth stomps into the mat, the jarring movement sending shockwaves through the surferboy's spine eliciting howls of pain! Loki dumps Chad down, silently daring the beach boy to bring something – Chad goes for a body slam, but finds himself unable to lift the muscular bulk; Loki declares his chance is over and easily reverses, slamming poor chad hard into the mat!
A Collar & Elbow tie up doesn't go any better for Chad as he finds himself lifted high off the mat in a bearhug, Loki's massive arms crushing the very sound from Chad's body! Loki dumps Chad to the mat – “No, no, stay down,” Loki plants a foot on Chad's back, keeping him down whilst he pumps and poses his incredible arms! Loki gets cocky and underestimates the surfer – Chad digs down deep and actually lifts the hulk off the mat and, making good on his promise at the start of the match, drives Loki onto his knee for a backbreaker! Loki was NOT expecting this! The bodybuilder clutches his back in pain as his body is warped, but Chad can't capitalise – Loki manages to grab his head and twists out of the hold! The loudmouth lightweight finds himself trapped on his back under Loki as the musclehunk flexes and shows off his physique. Chad proclaims he's “not down, not yet” – Loki answers with a shocking front choke that has the surfer gasping for air!
“Are you ready for some more?” Loki hauls the suffering surfer up into a suspended choke, further punishing him before slamming him down. Just as quickly, Chad finds himself stretched out, with Loki driving his fist DEEP into his abs! A payback OTK backbreaker! Chad is being utterly manhandled, but he's not submitting! Chad manages to wrap his legs around the muscleboy's midsection, squeezing hard with a pec claw added for good measure! Loki fights back, but Chad's fingers dig DEEP into the mound of muscle! But turnabout is fair play and before long Chad finds himself caught between Loki's MASSIVE THIGHS! The surfer tries to escape, but a grinning Loki drags him back for more punishment! Loki grabs Chad's long hair, dragging him up for a savage standing headscissor! Loki keeps dishing it out, but Chad keeps soaking it up! Can the surferboy survive a bodybuilder battering? Can Loki finally put ‘The Chad' away? Anything can happen in Vegas!