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Chad vs Simpson - Vegas Battles 93

$ 31.25

It's the all-American vs the surfer boy in a steamy battle for Simpson's home turf! New rookie Chad Daniels squares up with Simpson ready for a fight. "You as big as me? I know I can take you down!" threatens Chad. "Skinny little boy, you look like you'd blow away in the wind!" mocks the muscle god Simpson as the wrestlers tie-up. Chad drags Simpson down for a body scissors but is overpowered and folded in a tight cradle. Groaning in pain, the arrogant rookie is quickly gator rolled to his back for a Saturday night ride! Simpson pins Chad tight in the grueling submission then mounts Chad's chest for a mouth-watering flex. The Vegas showdown continues as both wrestlers wrap each other in crushing body scissors seeing who will give first! Simpson powers out and tries tearing Chad apart with gut punches and a torturous banana split. Laid out, Chad struggles to recover as Simpson orders Chad to worship his rock-hard biceps. "You're weak!" groans Chad refusing to submit. Simpson snaps and wraps the rookie in a suffocating sleeper/camel clutch combo. Gasping for air, Chad struggles to hold on and passes out in the tight embrace. The dominant Simpson wakes his victim up when Chad strikes with a painful bow & arrow. A power struggle erupts as Chad quickly transitions to a standing head scissors. Chad squeezes his quads tighter and tighter but is picked up on Simpson's boulder shoulders. Desperate, the rookie pleads for mercy but is slammed on his neck nearly knocked unconscious! Simpson flexes his juicy muscle in the mirror as Chad slowly recovers hungry for payback. The back-and-forth battle for the top gets even hotter with gut punches, scissors, sleepers, and excruciating stretches! "You might as well give up!" taunts the devious winner before delivering a gruesome knockout. Will Simpson keep his Vegas throne, or will the new underdog take his place?