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muscle comparison

Chance vs Kasee and Cason - Battlespace 128

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"Don't make me show you who daddy is! You see that baby? You're gonna have that all in your face!" taunts Chance flexing his powerful pythons. "What's up cheeseburger?" laughs Kasee who is clearly not intimidated, pec bouncing and flexing his chiseled frame. "I can't wake to toss you around!" The muscle beast barrels in LAUNCHING the vet down again and again, "Aren't you supposed to be a wrestler?" Kasee stumbles to his feet, "I'm just the one that looks good around here and beats everyone up!" "I highly doubt that!" The vet distracts Chance and delivers a brutal LOW BLOW sending him crumbling to the mat screaming in pain! Kasee mounts his thick chest pinning him down as he is unable to break away, "You're heavier than you look!" "Come on big boy!" The muscle stud lets his victim up, WRANGLES him down again, and struggles to lock in a camel clutch! Chance overpowers the lightweight and stands up piggybacking him around like a child, "That's all you got boy?" Kasee quickly wraps his bicep around the muscle beast's throat; Chance struggles to stand and collapses to the mat. The vet rolls the giant to his back SQUEEZING tighter and tighter as he desperately tries to escape his impending doom. His thick muscles begin to slump, but Kasee lets him go sparing him for more torture, "Get up!" Chance, still winded from the attack, gets in the referee's position and challenges the vet, "Show me your best move!" Kasee wrestles the big man down and rolls him over for a tight BANANA SPLIT, but the muscle beast feels nothing and starts working out his quads doing butterflies in the hold, "I love making you look like a little b****!" Kasee is PISSED, "I just took you down. I'm done with this!" The vet storms off to get some bigger reinforcements and finds Cason, "You just gotta go kick that guy's a**! He's a big fat glazed donut!" "Alright, I got you!" Cason heads to the mat laughing at his competition, "This is the dude I'm playing with?" Chance flexes a double bicep, "Look who came, the millennial little b****! This is my cage!" Cason is not impressed as both muscle hunks flex comparing size pushing each other out of camera view. Playtime is over as the big boys lock up; their thick muscles strain under the intense pressure! Chance breaks away first wrapping his bulging bicep around the vet's head in a GUILLOTINE CHOKE for a takedown, but Cason picks him up and SLAMS him to the mat! Surprisingly, Chance keeps his chokehold on tight, "Let's see you get out of that. That little guy was much tougher than you!" Cason lifts the muscle beast across his ripped chest breaking the hold and SLAMS him on his back again! Chance rolls on the mat writhing in pain, "You're gonna regret that!" The muscle hunk recovers delivering back to back double pec claws but can't take the vet down. Cason decides to let the rookie try a move and drops to his knees. Chance headlocks the muscle stud down to the mat rolling him onto his back with a tight sleeper, "How about now!" Cason struggles to breathe as Chance wraps his quads of steel around the muscle stud trying to put him to sleep! Incredibly, the vet rolls to his belly, stands up with the beast hanging on his back, and falls back CRUSHING him into the mat! Chance is in agony barely able to stand. "Daddy" may finally have met his match!