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chase eagle thunders arena vegas

Chase vs Eagle - Vegas Battles 08 (NO HOLDS BARRED)

$ 31.25

The morning after a long night out in Las Vegas, Chase and Eagle engage in a competitive posedown in the Nevada sun. Tempers begin to raise as the two point out what they perceive to be flaws in each others physiques. The boiling point is reached, and Eagle decides to take out his frustrations, grabbing Chase in a reverse bearhug! Squeezing with all the power of his massive arms, Eagle seems to be trying to settle this dispute quickly. Not to be outdone, Chase fires back with a series of clubs and strikes before grabbling Eagle in a full nelson, stretching his body under the hot sun. Trying to shoot a double leg, Chase is caught by Eagle in a front facelock and a series of pinning combinations. This particular battle gets aggressive fast, as Chase grabs Eagle below the belt violently. Eagle withers in pain as Chase looks to capitalize on his underhanded tactics. Down but not out, Eagle catches Chase, scooping him into an elevated bearhug before dumping him to the canvas below and locking in a painful bow and arrow submission. Pulling back on the neck and legs, Eagle stretches Chase beyond the limits, arching his spine and bringing pain to every inch of his body. With nothing but bad intentions towards his opponent, Eagle clamps Chases head between his powerful thighs and squeezing, trying to end Chases Vegas vacation early. Clearly not above fighting dirty, Chase goes below the belt again, softening eagle up for a series of painful submission holds. Locking in a dragon sleeper, Chase continues to land clubbing blows to the muscular chest and ribs of Eagle, before dropping him to the mat and grabbing a vicious and underhanded claw hold! Returning the favor, Eagle fights his way up to his feet before locking in a dirty claw hold of his own! The animosity between these two is so prominent, one wonders what could have happened the night before while out on the town to plant the seeds for such a violent fight. Locking Eagle in an abdominal stretch, Chase takes things a step further, grabbing another claw hold to the crotch as Eagle cries out in pain. Turning things around, Eagle grabs Chase in a powerful bearhug, squeezing Chases muscular torso violently before dropping him to the mat. Upon trying to grab the hold again, Chase counters, administering a violent bearhug of his own before clubbing Eagle to the mat and grabbing him in a devastating bodyscissors, using all the strength of his muscular thighs to crush Eagles chiseled body between them. Eagle fights back with a bearhug of his own, before riding chase down to the canvas and grabbing a chokehold. Returning the favor from early, Eagle grabs another painful underhanded clawhold as Chase gasps in pain. With Chase struggling to get back to his feet, Eagle thinks he has his opponent beaten and done, before Chase comes back, dragging eagle down to the mat with an amazing multi-submission hold, combining a headscissors, an armbar, AND a dirty claw, leaving the tortured Eagle in absolute agony. Stuck in one of the most innovative and violent submission holds in recent memory, Eagle fights to free himself to continue the battle.....