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Bodybuilders Chase and Kid Titan flex and pose in Thunders Arena Vegas

Chase vs Kid Titan - Vegas Battles 09

$ 34.75

Bodybuilders Chase and Kid Titan collide in Las Vegas in this Thunders Arena matchup. Right off the bat, the muscled up Chase grabs the shredded Kid Titan in a full nelson before driving him violently down to that mat. After softening Kid Titan up with some vicious blows to the back, Chase immediately goes for a dragon sleeper before trapping Kid Titans head between his massive thighs, trying to crush it like a grape. Unrelenting on his brutal barrage or torturous holds, Chase cranks on Kid Titans neck before moving directly into a bearhug and squeezing the air out of Kid Titan before delivering another clubbing strike to the back. Escaping the brunt of the erratic onslaught of multiple holds and strikes, Kid Titan displays his amazing power, hoisting Chase up onto his muscular shoulders in a firemans carry before sending him crashing down to the mat below with a fallaway slam. The action is heated and intense as Kid Titan grabs chase in a full nelson, ripping him up off the mat and onto his feet before throwing him back down to the mat below. Grabbing a front facelock, Kid Titan looks for an early submission victory until Chase decides to play dirty, landing a shot below the belt. Capitalizing with a dragon sleeper, Chase uses the maneuver to drive kid titan down to the mat, leaving him vulnerable to a vicious claw hold. Chase punishes Kid Titan with a brutal serious of headscissor/dirty claw combos, landing numerous vicious strikes along with way, punishing Kid Titan above AND below the belt. The resilient Kid Titan fights back with a headscissors of his own, landing some vicious clubbing strikes to the chiseled abs of Chase before locking in a modified armbar submission, trying to pull chases arm right out of the socket. After briefly incapacitating Chase, Kid Titan takes some time to flex and pose, which proves to be an error in judgement as he leaves himself open for a sneak attack from behind. Chase mounts Kid Titan, riding him down to the mat with a sleeper hold before hitting some impressive poses of his own, showcasing his shredded abs and muscular thighs. Evening the odds, Kid Titan reaches up from the mat below, grabbing chase with an excruciating underhanded claw of his own, fighting his way up as Chase grabs at himself in pain, before locking in a tight bearhug, squeezing the air out of Chases lungs and bringing him down to the mat to lock in a crushing chinlock and brutalizing headscissors of his own. These two evenly matched warriors continue to pull out all the stops, inflicting levels of pain on each other only appropriate for Sin City!