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wrestler doing a camel clutch

Chase88 vs Dom9 - Mat Wars 120

$ 34.75

New rookies Chase88 and Dom9 are out to make a name for themselves and prove who is better. They begin with a test of strength: a good old fashioned push up contest. Two handed, one handed, even clap push ups, both are evenly matched and don't show any signs of stopping. Chase88 decides to play dirty and pushes Dom9 over, causing him to lose. The muscle beast is pissed and pushes him back. "I'm here to take over!" declares Chase88. "Let's find out!" The titans lock up. Dom9 wraps his powerful pythons around his victim's head in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, shakes him around, then slams him to the mat. Chase88's face is pure torture as the behemoth traps him in a standing head scissors crushing him with his tree trunk quads! The muscle stud struggles but is able to trip Dom9 to the mat to break the hold. Time for a little payback! A sleeper takes the big man down leaving him in perfect position for Chase88's own body scissors then vicious bow and arrow! Dom9 is in excruciating pain; his thick muscles stretched to their limits. "You might as well give up now!" "I'm not even tired!" The muscle beast escapes, takes Chase88 down, and mounts his back YANKING back on his arms. The rookie groans in agony as his shoulders look ready to break at any moment. Powerless to break away, Dom9 transitions to a body scissors of his own, but Chase88 escapes with a massive gut punch!

The rookies tie up again. Chase88 shows incredible strength lifting the bodybuilder in a TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY before dropping him to the mat. The muscle beast lays dazed on his back struggling to recover. "Wanna see how many sit ups we can do?" Chase88 begins doing sit up and mocks the laid out behemoth patting his muscle gut, "No abs! These are real abs right here!" Dom9 has had it with the disrespect and traps the trash talker in a vicious body scissors. The beast unleashes with a back-breaking front bearhug then crippling FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! Chase88 screams in pain as he claws at the mat to escape. "Give up!" "Never!" The hold is released, and Chase88 wants payback: gut punches, a snapmare takedown, torture rack, a Boston crab! "Big muscles ain't doing much for you, are they?" Dom9 is totally gassed; his goliath frame struggles to stand, but he is ready for revenge. A torture rack and massive bearhug have Chase88 laid out on the mat. Dom9 flexes over his fallen victim, "Show you how a real man flexes. You flex those baby muscles!" The back and forth battle continues: banana split, chokelift, sleepers, gut punches, and a suplex! These rookies will stop at nothing for the win and introduce DIRTY TRICKS into the match you gotta see to believe!