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Chris Rockway vs Rome - Mat Wars 163

$ 25.95

Chris Rockway is ecstatic about the opportunity to teach the towering Rome some moves to make him a killer wrestler! He quickly takes Rome down to the mat and expertly demonstrates how to use momentum and weight to control a massive opponent. Through some unconventional holds you will need to see to believe. Chris can't help being constantly distracted by Rome's impressive muscles. As he gets Rome back on his feet, Rome towers over him. But Chris shows great skill in ducking under and taking Rome down again.

When Chris gives Rome a chance to teach him a thing or two, Rome doesn't hesitate to crush him in a devastating chest-to-chest bearhug! Chris screams in pain as it feels like his ribs are cracking one by one under Rome's massive arms! Rome bounces Chris off the mat before picking him up in a brutal choke lift! Chris has no choice but to go after Rome's legs! Chris takes Rome down and pins him, but Rome suddenly lifts him up like a human barbell! Chris is in agony and Rome doesn't let up! Rome wraps him in another bear hug and squeezes the air out of his lungs. But after taking so much punishment, Chris decides to stop letting Rome have any advantage. He uses a double-leg takedown on the massive bodybuilder and locks him into submissions! But Rome's size is just too much for Chris and Rome flings him off the mat!

Will Chris be able to overcome Rome's size and strength to win the match or will Rome humble Chris and leave him laid out on the wrestling mat? Download it today to find out!

Alternate Ending Available in the Video Vault