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Zman vs Angel - Christmas Chaos 2007A

Zman vs Angel - Christmas Chaos 2007A

$ 25.00

Z-Man vs Angel

Ahh Christmas that special time of giving. Well this Christmas someone has given Z-man a very special present. He's all excited and ready to open his new present when Angel explodes out of the present and attacks Z-man's! It's the ultimate surprise attack! Angel hates how much Z-man talks all the time so he slams him around then tries to make him eat a Santa hat just so Z-man will SHUT UP and STOP TALKING! You'll see camel clutches, bearhugs, full nelsons, ab stretches, and the most amazing REAL gut punching. Seriously with abs like these two have you gotta see this battle. In the end though Angel gets lifted by the neck (as always) and slammed to the mat, then gets knocked out in a DDT and Z-man turns Angel into a human Christmas tree by wrapping him in Christmas lights.