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Dominic vs Frey Battle of the Pink Christmas Lights - Christmas Chaos 2014

Dominic vs Frey Battle of the Pink Christmas Lights - Christmas Chaos 2014

$ 25.00

The Thunders mat is decked out for Christmas and so are Dom the Dominator and Frey the Beautiful each wearing a tasseled Santas hat along with their wrestling trunks. Frey doesnt like the pink lights on the Christmas palm tree. Dom tells him its a Florida tradition and he thinks it is beautiful, in fact more beautiful than Frey. Frey tells the Dominator to take a real close look at the pink lights. When Dom does, Frey uses his forearm to deliver a holiday nutcracker from behind. As Dom is recovering from the cheap shot, Frey attempts a Christmas camel clutch. But Frey releases the hold and Dom returns the nutcracker, giving Frey two more shots to the ornaments while Frey is on the mat recovering from the first. Then the big muscular Dominator completes his revenge by locking Frey into a proper camel clutch, telling Frey he is going to be wearing those pink lights when Dom gets done with him. Then Dom drops an elbow into Freys back and delivers another shot right to Freys already roasted chestnuts. After flexing each of his massive biceps, Dom puts Frey into a belly to back bear hug and drops him to the mat. Getting into the holiday spirit, Frey takes off his Santa hat and uses the tassel to deliver a couple cheap shots. With Dom in pain, Frey puts the big guy into a Boston crab, asking him if he is going to change the lights. When that doesnt work, Frey applies a body scissors and an arm bar, suggesting that they use red and green lights instead of pink. Releasing Dom, Frey starts to take the tree down. But as Frey removes the silver garland, Dom lands a dirty forearm smash from behind to Freys sleigh bells, followed by half a dozen cheap shots with the tassel on his Santa hat. Then Dom hog ties Frey with the garland from the tree, rolls him onto his back and lands a few punches that leave Frey telling Dom You broke my ornaments. When Frey tries to get up, Dom delivers another dirty shot to Freys Christmas package followed by a body scissors. After putting the garland back on the tree, Dom squeezes the holiday cheer out of Frey with a bear hug from behind. But Frey decks Doms halls with another cheap shot and pulls the plug on the pink lights. With Dom on his back, Frey gives Doms beefy chest a double pec claw, followed by few more cheap shots with the tassel on Santas hat. Dom recovers using some more nut cracking and plugs in the pink lights on the tree. Now Dom really gets into the spirit of the season and gives Frey a few gifts: a massive belly to belly bear hug and an over the shoulder (and through the woods) carry. While over Doms shoulder, Frey reaches down for a cheap shot and wraps Doms package. Still in a giving mood, Frey gives Dom a choke hold. But its not long before Dom is re-gifting and has Frey in a sleeper. The holiday giving goes back and forth with these tough, powerful, studs exchanging holiday headlocks, Santa sleepers, yuletide arm bars, Boston crabs and almost nonstop dirty shots to the Christmas cookies. After a brutal shot to Freys Jingle Bells from Doms foot, Frey finally says he doesnt care about the pink lights anymore. But the Dominator is still in the Christmas spirit with plenty of punishment in his bag of toys. So he hog ties Frey with a string of colored lights and puts him in an over the shoulder backbreaker that leaves Frey with visions of sugar cookies dancing in his head. Then Dom finishes Frey off in traditional Thunders Arena Holiday fashion, putting him in a chair, wrapping him with lights and decorating him like a Christmas tree. Dom even sticks some candy canes on Freys big beefy pecs. Now that Frey is being a good little boy, Dom uses his massive arms to put him to sleep, so that Santa will come and him leave him presents. This match is one wild, no holds barred Christmas treat. Lots more naughty than nice.