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Clark lays on top of Duke aka Ryan Sparks, gay wrestling on Thunders Arena.

Christmas Chaos 2017 Part 2 - Clark vs Duke Revenge

$ 25.00

Fan winning match idea!

HO HO HO...Merry Muscle Worship! 
It's Christmas time at Thunder's. Time for a little wrestling and LOTS of MUSCLE WORSHIP around the tree. Duke and Clark flex for the cameras. "Let's check that back out!" says Clark. Both begin MUSCLE WORSHIPPING each other comparing muscles. "Definitely bigger!" says Duke. They compare quads, "Mine are bigger; yours are a little more solid!" Duke wins in quads category; next comes calves. "Got you there!" says Duke. 
Both lock up. Duke HEADLOCKS Clark softly, letting him WORSHIP his ripped body. Clark is LIFTED onto Duke's shoulder and spanked, "How's that?" asks Duke. Clark smacks Duke's ass while in the hold. Both continue flexing. "Let's see whose stronger!" says Clark.
Duke BEARHUGS Clark but falls backwards to the mat. Clark mounts Duke, worshipping his thick chest, traps, and legs. Duke BEARHUGS Clark again, rolls him over, and lays on top of him pinning him to the mat. Duke BALL CLAWS Clark, "You like that?" He straddles Clark's head with his balls in his face and STRETCHES OUT his legs. Clark easily rolls out and BALL CLAWS Duke!
Clark locks in a body scissor / full nelson combo but releases the full nelson to WORSHIP Duke's thick traps. Both wrestlers exchange SKULL-CRUSHING rear head scissors. Duke bodyscissors Clark, but amazingly, he STANDS UP with the scissors locked in and SPANKS Duke's ass more. 
"You're pretty strong," says Duke. Both flex and MUSCLE WORSHIP each other. "These little love handles right here!" Clark says pinching Duke's sides. "What love handles?" Duke flexes his abs for the camera and TAKES DOWN Clark straddling him. They lock up in a game of mercy! Duke does push ups against Clark's body with their hands clenched together. 
Clark rolls Duke over and lays on top of him belly to belly STRETCHING out his legs. "Give up?" asks Clark. "No!" Duke BALL CLAWS Clark then locks in a TIGHT body scissor. 
Both get back up. The flexing and MUSCLE WORSHIP continues. Duke headlocks Clark, so Clark BALL CLAWS him taking him down. Clark locks in RIB-CRUSHING body scissor worshipping and TICKLING Duke's armpits. He MASSAGES Duke's thick shoulders, but Duke breaks away and locks in a TIGHT bow and arrow! 
More MUSCLE WORSHIP and TITTY TWISTERS! Duke and Clark BATTLE on further until someone ends up PASSED OUT on the mat. The winner MUSCLE WORSHIPS their victim, "All this meat. I think I'll keep this as my trophy!"