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Marco shuts Iceman18 up with a Santa hat in his mouth on Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Christmas Chaos 2017 Part 4 - Marco vs Iceman18

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Fan winning match idea!

A Holiday Gut Punching Event

Marco invites Iceman18 over for a holiday hang out, and a holiday hangout wouldn't be complete without some eggnog involved. The two make small talk, asking each other what they're getting for Christmas. When Iceman asks Marco what he wants for Christmas, Marco replies embarrasingly that he'd like to have Zman as a punching bag on Christmas Day. They both have a good laugh about it and finish their drinks. Unfortunately for Iceman, his eggnog was spiked with a knock out drug. He starts feeling dizzy and ends up passing out next to Marco. Marco double checks to make sure that Iceman is out for the count, then carries him over his shoulder into the bedroom. Iceman is stripped down to his shorts and laid out in bed. Marco eyes Iceman, who's still passed out from the druggy ed eggnog. He starts rubbing Iceman's stomach. "Since Z-Man isn't around now, you'll have to do", Marco says, and sends a punch directly into Iceman's stomach. He was expecting Iceman to wake up from that punch, but there was no reaction. "Oh this is gonna be great", says Marco as he pushes his fist deep into Iceman's relaxed stomach. Punch after punch, Marco just pounds away at poor Iceman's abs while he's still out cold. The punching stops for a moment and Marco decides to rub Iceman's stomach to ease the pain. As he rubbing his stomach, Iceman starts to wake up and wonders what's going on. Marco explains that since Z-man isn't around to be his punching bag, that he'll have to do. Iceman isn't having that, so he starts fighting with Marco in your typical Thunder's Arena wrestling fashion. The drug still seems to have Iceman a bit weakened after just waking up as he's unable to put up much of a fight. He gets pinned to the wall and gutpunched some more. Then Iceman gets an idea: he sees a giant candy cane next to him, but if he grabs it now, Marco would see it coming and would just block the hit from the candy cane. SO after a few more gutpunches from Marco, he falls to the floor just close enough to the candy cane and acts like he's knocked out. All Iceman needs is for Marco to take the bait and walk over to him to continue punching him while he's "out cold", then he can surprise him with the giant candy cane. Sure enough, Marco takes the bait and starts working over Iceman while he's "out cold". Marco is so focused on Iceman's stomach, that he doesn't see Iceman's arm reach for the giant candy cane. Iceman grabs hold of it and "WHAM!", strikes Marco across the face with it, stunning him. Iceman gets up and starts beating Marco to the ground with the giant candy cane. Marco tries to defend himself but its no use and he eventually gets knocked out with the candy cane. Just for good measure, Iceman hits Marco's abs with the candy cane. Time for some payback. Iceman drags Marcos off the floor and tosses him in bed. He starts feeling up on Marcos's abs, figuring out how soft and relaxed they are before he starts pounding away. He finds a pretty soft spot around the bellybutton area, and starts pushing his fist in deep before sending a couple of punches to his stomach. Marco is still knocked out while Iceman pushes and punches his stomach. After a while of having fun with his new punching bag, Iceman says "You were right about one thing buddy, having someone as a punching bag is a pretty good Christmas present". To add insult to injury, he puts a Santa hat on Marco's head and a sign that says "Happy Holidays" before sending a final punch to Marco's stomach and leaving the room.