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Christmas Chaos 2017 Part 5 - Blayne vs Frey

Christmas Chaos 2017 Part 5 - Blayne vs Frey

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Fan winning match idea!

We saved the best for last, as this is staff's favorite pick from the fan ideas sent in.

"It can work for any of the guys (though Frey and Blayne are my personal vote, by virtue of being a couple of your best trash-talkers.) There's a circle of Christmas packages around the ring, and every time one of the guys get a "point" on their opponent (a pin, making them tap in a hold, etc.,) they get to open a present. Inside the boxes are various little things they can use on each other (new outfits and gear to make each other wear, various stuff like Christmas decorations to use like weapons, maybe even cans of chocolate sauce and whipped cream, etc.) And possibly at the end, the winner sits on the other in a schoolboy bragging while they open an ACTUAL gift they've been fighting for. 
Hope this idea helps!"