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Christmas in the Caribbean: Stallion vs Dom9 - Christmas Chaos 2020 Part 5

$ 33.33
$ 35.00

After having a beach brawl when Stallion discovered Dom9 using his private beach, Christmas in the Caribbean continues when Dom9 and Stallion are on the deck to Stallion's house in the Virgin Islands. A deck flex off begins with both muscle studs comparing and critiquing each other. With Stallion pointing out how much smaller Dom9 is than him, and Dom9 saying how Stallion needs some abs. The argument goes from muscles to onlyfans to wrestling, until Dom9 decides it is too hot and goes to the pool. Stallion follows him and the argument continues until a pissed-off Dom9 locks in a full nelson and the fight is on! Dom9 is LAUNCHED into the pool by the ridiculously strong Stallion. With the best underwater footage from Thunders Arena EVER, the match goes back and forth with chokes, power moves, dirty tricks, an unusually large amount of exposed skin, and an amazing ending! Who can stay above water?