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CJS puts Blayne into a body scissors while putting him in a choke hold on Thunders Arena Wrestling.

CJS vs Blayne - No Holds Barred 100

$ 31.25

Blayne came to Mr. Mike and really wanted a NEW challenge for the NEW year.  So Mr. Mike had gotten an email from CJS saying he was going to be in town right before New Years so we filmed both of them battling it out.  Blayne was intimidated at first by the extra 20 lbs of muscle CJS has put on his frame.  Plus Blayne was not ready for the intense power of CJS.  Blayne can't help himself but start to massage and feel CJS muscles but then gets caught by the power in several holds like being smashed into his hairy chest as CJ flexes over him while sitting on his stomach.  This is muscle domination on a whole new hairy muscle level that Blayne was not ready for but the surprise ending will definitely make you smile.  It's not always one sided because Blayne has a few tricks of his own like a mean head scissors and attacks the shoulder of CJS in a few chicken wing submissions, or I should say try and get submissions.  If you like hairy bodybuilders and big guys dominating smaller guys physically and verbally this is your kinda of show.