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CJS vs Duke - No Holds Barred 101

CJS vs Duke - No Holds Barred 101

$ 25.95

CJS is on a roll and wants to put the smaller pretty boys in their place so he sets his targets on Duke.  Now that CJS is running about 235 lbs of new muscle he really wants to put the hurt on everyone.  He has a brutally powerful full nelson and bearhug to do a lot of damage to these new guys.  Duke gets impressed by the size and there is a flex off at the beginning but then Duke tries to show CJS he has the power and strength to keep up and he gets to work putting his powerful thighs around CJs body to Thank you and get submissions by body scissors.  The crazy part was Duke has some real power in his own squats because he grabs CJS and start to rack him and walk around with him like he is nothing.  This match has all the classic No Hold Barred type matches and full of many humiliation moves like school boy pins and dirty trick moves to make a grown man scream for mercy.  Duke doesn't like the hairy chest on CJS so that motivates CJ to humiliate Duke even more with smashing his pecs into Duke's face and smothering him several times into his massive pecs in various ways.  Once again a classic bad guy vs good guy match wrapped up in the big vs little guy style.  Watch CJS become very verbally and physically dominating while Duke fights back and doesn't take that kind of abuse without dishing out some of his own punishment back!