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CJS vs Sly - No Holds Barred 102

CJS vs Sly - No Holds Barred 102

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

CJS is sitting on Sly's abs pushing him as his new bodybuilding coach to do more sit ups.  Sly is all excited to show off his new body, he has lost over 40 lbs of fat and put on 15 lbs of muscle following CJS body advice.  Still coach CJS is never satisfied and makes fun of the gains and victories Sly has done.  Sly starts to get frustrated and then jumps his coach trying to bearhug him into realizing he is a great person who is doing a great job!  CJ wants nothing to do with that and breaks out of the bearhug and starts to punsh his new trainee for being dis respectful and the wrestling punishment starts with lots of bearhugs, face smashes into the chest, leg scissors, head scissors, these two will not stop trying to get the other to submit!  The proud coach who is not going to take any lip or disrespect vs the up and coming young bodybuilder who wants nothing more than please his coach and give him respect and muscle admiration for his size.  This is an intense battle you will love to watch if you like bigger vs smaller matches or coach vs rookie type matches and as a New Year bonus both guys are muscular and hairy, a first for Thunder's in that we don't do these kind of hairy vs hairy type matches often so get it now and support it if you want to see more of matches like this into the new year!