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Rex gives Clark a Boston crab at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Clark vs Rex - No Holds Barred 97

$ 32.95

Wrestling, Dirty Tricks, and MUSCLE WORSHIP! 
This match has everything and begins with a good ol' fashion flex off. Rex's massive, furry muscles are clearly bigger than Clark's slick, washboard body. Rex begins mocking his opponent calling himself Hercules & man doll. Clark is Jerkulese & Ken doll. He even recommends Clark to drink whiskey to put some hair on his chest! Both musclemen begin an INTENSE muscle worship session! Rex begins punching Clark's chest. They lock up, and the battle is on! 
Both begin gut punching each other. Clark picks up Rex in a reverse bearhug then carries the gorilla on one shoulder before dropping him to the mat! Rex throws Clark against the wall and begins BRUTAL gut punches. Clark breaks away, picks up Rex upside down, and throws him down. He then locks in a VICIOUS head scissor with Rex's face buried in Clark's crotch. Clark changes positions and straddles Rex with his butt smothering Rex's face! Rex returns the favor, goes for an arm bar, but is unsuccessful. The muscle bear locks in a reverse and front head scissors with his furry, tree trunk quads. Clark is feeling the pain! Both begin gut punching. Clark breaks away and puts Rex in a reverse head scissors. His balls are SUFFOCATING Rex's face! Rex recovers and ball claws Clark to break the hold. He sits on Clark's back, yanks on his head, then delivers a MASSIVE Boston crab bouncing up and down on Clark's back! Rex releases the hold, and Clark ball claws the beast. Rex counters, picks Clark up on one shoulder, and begins spanking his opponent. Clark ball claws Rex to break the hold and delivers a camel clutch on the gorilla, while MUSCLE WORSHIPPING his thick, furry chest. Rex PASSES OUT due to the pain. "Bears aren't always better!" Clark proclaims. 
After Rex recovers, he puts Clark in an arm lock before taking him to the mat in a ball claw. Rex straddles Clark's face with his quads and ball claws him some more. The muscle bear makes Clark stand up then CRUSHES Clark's face against his furry chest. Clark can barely breathe but escapes! The match ends with the winner picking up his opponent in a RIB-CRUSHING bearhug, shaking his victim tighter and tighter! The loser is then forced against the wall and GUT PUNCHED until they pass out in defeat. The Muscle Bear or the Slick Bod, who will get the win? You gotta buy it to find out!!