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Bronco vs Silas- Mat Wars 157

$ 25.95

A quick tie up leads to Silas clutching Bronco in a vicious full nelson! Bronco flexes out using his power and grips Silas in a tight chest to chest bearhug. Silas begins to lose his upper hand but skillfully finds a way out of Bronco's massive bearhug! Silas is clearly technically superior but Bronco uses his size and strength to wrap Silas in multiple bearhugs. He lifts him up over his sculpted shoulders and squats him multiple times showing off. 

Bronco was not prepared for Silas to fight dirty! Silas uses a punishing ball claw to take Bronco down. He then wraps the massive bodybuilder in a small package stretching Bronco to his absolute limits! That isn't enough to satisfy Silas. He takes Bronco down again in a side headlock. Bronco yanks at Silas's hair but still cannot loosen Silas's grip! Bronco sees that his will need to fight dirty too and uses a ball claw of his own on Silas. The two studs fight back and forth using power moves and mat skills. The match gets interesting when both guys start fighting dirty and showing off with wedgies and spankings as the match creeps closer and closer to the pool's edge

Who will come out victorious in this intense battle between two of the newest muscle studs? Download Today and find out who limps off victorious but injured!