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Aspen vs Iceman18 - Lightning Match 24

$ 39.95

Iceman18 is flexing on the mat when, unexpectedly, Aspen springs into action leaping onto Iceman's back! With lightning speed, Aspen applies a tight sleeper hold, catching Iceman off guard. Determined to free himself, Iceman forcefully tosses Aspen off his back and swiftly pins him to the mat.

However, Aspen refuses to back down and retaliates, skillfully rolling Iceman over and pinning him down in return. You will be on the edge of your seat as the wrestlers engage in a fierce back-and-forth battle, executing various pinning techniques that intensify the tension. Iceman's frustration reaches its peak, leading him to resort to a ball claw move, momentarily halting Aspen's advances. Astonishingly, Aspen remains undeterred, launching a relentless assault on Iceman with unwavering aggression.

Both wrestlers exchange heavy blows, employing a combination of submission holds and underhanded tactics. Although Iceman possesses a size advantage, Aspen's relentless determination repeatedly forces him onto his back. Yet, Iceman remains patient, strategically waiting for Aspen to exhaust himself, poised to seize his opportunity. The burning question remains: will Aspen ever cease his unyielding assault on Iceman? To uncover the answer, download and witness this thrilling match unfold before your eyes!