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Frey Wolf George choke lift arms carry

Frey vs Wolf and New 250 lbs. Football Player George

$ 31.25

Wolf’s back and he’s brought himself a buddy along to wrestle with him. He says he met him after watching him kick some ass in a drunken bar fight. That pisses Frey off, wrestling requires a lot more training and technique than just drunkenly attacking people. Frey’s listening to Wolf give his description, and Frey is unimpressed, he’s expecting a big guy with a big beer belly to come walking in. Frey says he’ll show him a few moves, teach him the ropes a bit to see how he does. Wolf’s excited, so he goes off to get his buddy, George. George is huge!! George is 6’3” and 250 pounds, he’s got himself a set of abs and a huge chest. Frey is impressed finally, and he’s kind of excited to show the big guy some moves. He starts with a bearhug, shows how to do it on Wolf, and then George comes running in and starts crushing Wolf! He’s excited, crushing people is something that’s easy for him. Frey has to run in and stop him, slow him down so he can teach him other moves too. He starts next with the over the knee backbreaker. Frey puts Wolf into the backbreaker, and then when it’s George’s turn, he runs right into Wolf and lifts him up like a rag doll. He calls Wolf a tiny little baby and breaks him over his knee. George is learning the rack next, but Wolf has had enough this time around. George picks Wolf up over his shoulders a little too rough, and Wolf is pissed, so he starts to hit George on the back to free himself. Wolf then starts to attack George, but Frey pulls Wolf off, saying they’re teaching him and he needs to learn. George goes to put Wolf over his shoulders again after Wolf’s calmed down a bit, and then completely drops him down to the ground! He says Wolf’s too sweaty and it was an accident, Wolf lets that one slide, he is pretty sweaty. This next move though, that’s a killer, it’s the camel clutch and Wolf is nervous about George’s huge muscles working against his back and neck. All goes well, and now it’s time for George to show off what he’s learned in an actual fight against Wolf. Buy the match today to find out how George dominates in an all out assault.