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rough ready mat wrestling choking arm lock pain face

Cap vs Scrappy - Rough & Ready 111

$ 18.99
$ 25.00

The match begins with Cap relaxing on the couch in the living room. Scrappy walks in pissed that Cap interfered on his match. Cap criticizes Scrappy's wrestling style telling him he'll show him how to really wrestle. He jumps up, bearhugs Scrappy, body slamming him to the floor. Cap thinks he's too quick for Scrappy and bearhugs him from behind. Scrappy retaliates and puts him in a tight full nelson. Cap breaks away, straddles Scrappy, and chokes him with one hand! Scrappy retaliates, ball claws Cap to the ground, and puts him in a VICIOUS head scissor. Cap break out and puts Scrappy in an over the knee back breaker massaging Scrappy's  rock hard chest and abs. He picks up Scrappy in an upside down reverse bearhug then throws him to the floor. Scrappy retaliates and CHOKE LIFTS Cap slamming him on the couch! He pins Caps's arms and gut punches Cap's abs. Cap titty twisters Scrappy, picks him up on one shoulder, and body slams him to the floor. Don't be fooled by Cap's size because he DEFINITELY has the strength!! He straddles Scrappy with his butt in his face and gut punches Scrappy's abs. Both exchange ball claws. Cap calls Scrappy a "little guy" INFURIATING Scrappy. Scrappy bearhugs Cap from behind then carries Cap on one shoulder into the garage for more punishment!
Now in the garage, Scrappy straddles Cap's shoulders pinning him to the mat. Cap breaks out and returns the favor pinning Scrappy down while gut punching his abs. Cap bearhugs Scrappy from behind; Scrappy is moaning in pain! Cap then head scissors Scrappy until he almost passes out. He then carries him around on one shoulder. With Scrappy laid out on the mat, Cap begins choking Scrappy with HIS OWN ARM then applies a full nelson. He puts Scrappy in a half-nelson/sleeper hold, and Scrappy passes out!! When Scrappy wakes up, he body slams Cap to the mat. He puts Cap in 2 different reverse head scissors and chokes Cap out! Will it be lights out for good, or will Cap come back for the win? Add this match to your collection to find out!