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Stallion vs Hero - Bodybuilder Battle 147

$ 34.75

"Bro, I already told you; I don't need your help!" yells Hero. "I brought you here cuz I wanna teach you a few things; I wanna see you do well. When I first started; I didn't have anyone to help me out!" Stallion tries tying up with his little brother but is pushed away, "I don't need your help; I really don't! What I got going on here is going to work! You keep telling me that you got something better!" flexes Hero. "It's f***ing obvious!" flexes Stallion with a beefy double bicep. "This is what's obvious; this right here! Where's your abs?" taunts Hero. "I don't need abs. When you do what I do; you don't need abs. You're 180lbs soaking wet! When you get in the ring with a grown a** man, 260lbs of beef right there!" "I'm not 180; it's 210. I keep trying to tell you that! You're scared that I'm gonna be better than you! Let's just face it; I think I already am better than you!" "You got a big mouth; you better back it up!" A flex off begins as Hero shows off for the camera, but Stallion stands in front of him eclipsing him from the camera view! Hero sneaks from behind with an impressive full nelson. "Your tiny little arms can't get around me! What if squat down a little bit make it easier?" taunts Stallion easily flexing out. Hero showboats for the camera as the behemoth locks in a rib-cracking belly to back bearhug shaking him like a rag doll as he groans in pain and slammed to the mat. The muscle monster mounts his victim's abs and grabs his arm slamming them harder and harder into the mat. "There you go, give you a free shot!" flexes Stallion taunting that newbie to punch his abs. Hero winds up and hits away, "Harder!" orders the beast as he pounds the newbie's chest with his meaty forearms! "Get up!" orders the behemoth wrapping his powerful pythons around in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "Someone's been doing his deadlifts; taking big brother's advice I see!" "I'm still better than you, and you know it!" groans the rookie struggling to escape. The mountain of muscle releases his hold and bearhugs the newbie tight to his chest transitioning to a one-arm chokelift! "Little brother, you just don't learn!" Stallion tosses his prey down and flexes while Hero gets up joining in, "You really don't have to be so jealous all the time!" flexes Hero. "You're right. What do they say? If you can't be tall, be thick!" A pose off has thick, beefy muscle on full display. "You got a few years to go!" taunts Stallion on his knees as Hero jumps on his hulking back with a sleeper/half nelson combo. "Haven't you ever heard of David and the Goliath?" Stallion struggles but manages to toss the rookie off. "Let me ask you, does it scare you that one day you're gonna be nothing?" taunts Hero. "You're already there, so tell me how it is!" Stallion surprises the rookie wrapping his bulging bicep around his neck in a brutal dragon sleeper hammering away at his abs, "To easy, stay down little brother!" orders the 260 pounder planting his foot on his chest flexing. An over the shoulder carry leads to glute smacking, brutal leg stretch, and blows to the chest and abs, "Just like when we were kids!" "Still trying to show off? Someone has to compensate for something cuz when you got it; you ain't got to show it off!" flexes Hero. "Always trying to be like me? That sucks so hard!" "You think you're better than me? You're not!" Hero locks on a tight full nelson and slams the muscle monster on his face temporarily stunning him then picks him up to his knees wrapping his bicep around his throat, "You gonna admit that I'm better than you?" Still winded, Stallion collapses to the mat nearly passing out as Hero plants his foot on his back flexing, "Now that's what I call a true protegy, the rightful person in this family, not you!" "You're so full of s**t!" mocks Stallion springing to his feet. Two sharp knees to the ribs lead to an upside down piledriver as the heavyweight mounts his brother's back yanking back on his arm nearly pulling it out of socket. "There it is; break that arm real quick! Not so bad; I taught you well!" "It's funny; it feels like I'm teaching you something!" A push up contest leads to the 260 pounder digging his foot in Hero's back as he pushes up the extra weight, "Keep going; come on big boy!" "You're just jealous that I'm stronger!" Stallion barrels in for an attack but is caught up in a massive belly to belly bearhug! Hero shakes the big man up and down before dropping him to the mat. "Come on; you don't need a cane yet!" "Let me show you how it's done!" The heavyweight engulfs his small brother in a belly to belly of his own as he screams in pain, "I'm gonna break that spine!" Stallion tosses his brother aside flexing a double bicep when Hero sneaks up from behind with a sleeper, "Submit! You know I'm better!" Gasping for air, the mountain of muscle crumbles to his knees as the young buck yanks harder and harder putting the big man to sleep! "I tried to tell you; now I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson!" The 210 pounder rears back dropping on the heavyweight with a massive bodysplash jarring him awake! Chokelift, belly to belly bearhug, full nelson. "You don't have to be so jealous!" "Get up! No little brother of mine quits like that!"