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Ajax head lock Angel pecs chest

Angel vs Vince plus Ajax - Mat Wars 12B

$ 25.95

Angel vs Vince

Ajax is BACK! He has brought a buddy that he has been training for months and thinks he's finally ready to start out in Thunder's Arena. This new rookie's name is Vince and we decided to put him up again Angel for his first match, nice and easy way to start right? Boy were we wrong. Angle has been hitting the gym everyday for over 2 months now and put on about 10 new pounds of solid muscle! With Angel's new muscle comes a new bad ass mean attitude. Vince had no idea what was about to hit him. Angel starts out slamming him around the mat, followed by some great mat wrestling submission holds. Then when Vince can't take being a practice dummy any more he attacks Angel with power choke lifts and bearhugs. This was the coolest thing to watch because Vince would squeeze the life out of Angle then right when he is about ready to submit, he would throw Angel down and tag in Ajax, who would then bearhug and squeeze Angel even harder in a bearhug! Then when Angel can't take it any more, same thing, throw him down, tag in Vince, repeat over and over, the most brutal bearhug tag team ever done to someone in Thunder's Arena. Angel was seriously hurt then Ajax on his last tag, racks Angel across his back for the big "beg for mercy" submission. This really pissed off Angel who hate to say, "I give." plus he has that heart of a champion and he came back to get his revenge. You gotta see what happens next....