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Ab punch

Joey King vs Njustice with Jake- Rough & Ready 124

$ 25.95

Bodyslams, piledrivers, and a LADDER, this match is gonna be good! Jake flexes his mountainous frame as Joey King enters, "You look like you might be little bit of a challenge. Let's put those muscles to the test big guy!" A mercy challenge has Joey falling to his knees straining under the muscle beast's power, "Having fun?" "A little strong. It's fine though cuz I didn't come here by myself!" Out of nowhere, NJustice takes the big man down with a vicious low blow! "What the hell?" Jake groans in pain as NJustice delivers a CRIPPLING camel clutch. "I heard you like the new Jurassic Park, so do I. We always hunt in packs!" The overdressed pro locks in an arm bar/scissor combo while Joey POUNDS his chiseled abs! "I can't feel my stomach!" The tag team rolls him over and clubs his thick back; shockingly, Jake wraps his pythons around their legs and starts lifting them off the ground! "I don't think so!" The duo stays grounded and climbs on top the beast, but he stands up carrying them on his back and LAUNCHES them across the mat! "Is that all you guys got?" NJustice and Joey trick Jake into thinking one of them is hurt and low blow him again! "Works every time!" "Brawn not brain!" They take turns holding the behemoth and DRILL his abs over and over! Jake gasps for air but finds the strength to pick NJustice up and drops him on his back! Even Joey is shocked as his partner crawls away in agony. NJustice soon recovers and delivers a FLYING KICK taking the big man down! He locks in a dragon sleeper while Joey kicks his quads of steel, "My hamstring! You guys hit like girls!" NJustice removes his vest and shoves his bow tie in Jake's mouth punching him in the face! "How's that for a girl?" Dirty tricks, ab claws, punches, the tag team even DOG PILES the behemoth, "Keep him down! Anyone got any horse tranquilizers?" The muscle bull is in pain but can't be tamed tossing them like rag dolls! A sharp kick to the abs has Jake temporarily stunned. NJustice picks up the 210 pounder across his chest and SLAMS him down on his knee nearly breaking his ribs! The bodybuilder writhes in pain as elbow drop after elbow drop leave him unable to stand! NJustice quickly head scissors Jake while Joey wraps his tree trunk quads in a leg lock! It appears the beast has finally met his match, but oh no, the struggle makes him even stronger! Jake breaks out and HAMMERLOCKS NJustice pinning him down, but Joey comes to the rescue with a punch to the face! He full nelsons the powerhouse to his feet. NJustice delivers a HURRICANE PUNCH but hits Joey accidentally! A rake to the eyes leaves NJustice unable to see, and he PILEDRIVES his own partner for a 1-2-3 count! "Joey where are you?" NJustice uses Jake as a human ladder realizing his mistake after feeling his thick muscles! The beast lifts him in a BACK-BREAKING bearhug shaking him up and down. He screams in pain barely able to breathe and collapses to the mat. "Not even two of you can take me down!" A middle finger from NJustice leads to a knock out punch from Jake, "Rockabye baby both of you!" The tag team soon wakes up and a ladder is introduced! Joey is launched face first into the ladder; NJustice's back is nearly broken as he's flipped IN THE AIR on top of the ladder! The tag team attacks Jake with the ladder in ways you will not believe! You will be feeling the pain just watching! Another misplaced punch has the tag team unraveling at the seams. "Why didn't you hold him tighter?" "Are you that stupid?" NJustice hates being called stupid, and the duo starts BRAWLING each other: uppercuts, bodyslams, arm bars, devastating punches! A pile of muscle ends up on the mat. Who will be left standing?