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Fatal Four-Way: Custom Video Series 100

$ 31.25

It's four times the muscle, four times the action in this FATAL FOUR-WAY MATCH! Steel has one ticket left to a Vegas VIP pool party, so the guys decide to battle it out. The first to get 3 knockouts wins! Starting off, Loki chooses new rookie Auswell to go against beginning with a flex off. "You ain't ready for this!" mocks Loki lifting Auswell in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Groaning in pain, the rookie crumbles to the mat as Loki uses his rock-hard biceps locking Auswell in a tight full nelson and sleeper. The air rushing from his lungs, Auswell STRAINS to escape but passes out giving Loki one point. Auswell wakes up as Mercury steps in ready for his shot at the new guy. A quick flex off has Mercury and Auswell tying up battling for control. Mercury charges in picking up the rookie in a fireman's carry SHAKING him around before tossing him down. Barely moving, Auswell is dragged to his feet for a crushing front bearhug and grueling choke lifts! Powerless to break free, Auswell collapses to the mat where Mercury mounts the rookie's chest CHOKING him out. "One point for me, I'm coming for you Loki!" flexes Mercury. Gino steps in for his turn dragging Auswell to his feet as Loki and Mercury try stopping him. "What are you guys gonna do? You guys both weigh less than me!" threatens Gino ready to destroy whoever gets in his way. Angry, the 260lbs muscle giant UNLEASHES his power as bodies go flying around the room! Loki and Mercury struggle to their feet and challenge Gino to a 3-way flex off comparing size. Auswell returns as Gino barrels in lifting the rookie in a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug; his mounds of beefy muscle squeeze the air from Auswell's lungs tossing him down. Gino flexes a double bicep as Loki and Mercury pin back his arms. Auswell recovers and POUNDS Gino's abs harder and harder with gut punches! Groaning in pain, Gino breaks away slamming Loki and Auswell to the ground then picks up Mercury in a CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug. Barely breathing, Mercury falls to the mat as Gino wraps his tree-trunk quads around Mercury's skull in a leg sleeper. Loki jumps in and locks Gino in a sleeper at the same time. Grunting and groaning, the wrestlers gasp for air in the INTENSE struggle seeing who will pass out first! With one wrestler down for the count, the last three wrestlers battle in gut punches, an over-the-shoulder takedown, forearm blows to the back, and a vicious leg sleeper. It's two down, one to go in a race for the finish as the final two wrestlers bring on the pain! A crushing sleeper, fireman's carry, gut punches, and CRIPPLING camel clutch ends in a stacked up pile of muscle; the winner racing off to the pool!