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Nick Sparx vs Vinny - Rough & Ready 125

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

PANIC sweeps across the new rookie's face when he sees his next opponent, "That's gonna be heavy, that's a heavy match!" Vinny steps in front; his mounds of muscle totally eclipse the small newb from the camera view, "Mr. Mike, this is all you give me, pipsqueaks?" The behemoth wraps his powerful pythons around Nick Sparx in a massive belly to back bearhug SQUEEZING as he groans in pain. Surprisingly, the rookie escapes and hammerlocks the muscle giant's arm, but he feels nothing, "Is this all we got? I'm just getting bored right now!" Nick pulls tighter, but sill nothing, "You sure do talk a lot!" The titans lock up; Vinny easily overpowers the newb delivering a tight sleeper, "Night, night, it's past your bedtime now. Go to sleep!" Sparx's face turns red as the vet's bulging bicep sucks every last breath from his lungs; he collapses to the mat feverishly tapping before passing out! The behemoth is just getting started and SMASHES Nick's back with his meaty forearm jolting him awake and gut punches his abs! "Get up!" orders the dominant Vinny locking in a tight full nelson. Sparx struggles to break free eventually flexing out and tries tripping the big man before being LAUNCHED down to the mat. "Grab my ankle? Thought you were down there praying for a sec. Get up son!" Vinny wraps his meathook hands around Nick's throat and chokelifts him, "I like kicking everybody's a** especially yours!" The rookie struggles to stay conscious before being tossed aside. "That would be a neck, you big ass! You don't know an ass from a neck? That's good!" groans Nick holding his aching neck. "Still in pain? Get up!" Vinny is pissed at the disrespect and chokelifts him again, "How's your oxygen doing? You're turning red!" The rookie crumbles to the mat and tries crawling away to escape, but the muscle giant is hot on his trail, "Get over here! You like sitting up there being choked out? Feel that pain!" A third devastating chokelift has Nick barely moving, angry from the brutal assault, "Said I would come to work, not to get beat up on! Get your gorilla legs out of here!" A surprise LOW BLOW has the behemoth crashing to the mat in agony. "It was worth it, every penny!" With Vinny weakened, Sparx lifts him in a tight rear bearhug then hammerlocks both arms as he groans in pain! "Shoulders are tired from lifting my heavy a** huh?" taunts the rookie as he spins the struggling beast around and picks him up in a belly to belly bearhug SHAKING him up and down. Vinny's thick beefy muscles struggle for oxygen as a guillotine choke has him collapsing to the mat straight into a brutal arm bar. Nick fights to keep the big man locked in as he appears to be regaining strength, "That's a pretty good move, not good enough!" Vinny breaks away and gets back up taking the newb down with a sharp knee to the ribs. "Time for you to go to sleep. Get up!" orders the beast. Out of nowhere, Sparx SPRINGS up jumping on Vinny's thick back with a sleeper of his own. The behemoth struggles to stay on his feet dropping to his knees and then all fours. "There we go!" He appears to be fading but incredibly stands back up FLIPPING Nick to the mat! Clutching his aching back, the underdog stands to his feet and jumps on Vinny's back again with another surprise sleeper! Can he topple the muscle monster for good?