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Mark Muscle vs Flaco - Mat Rats 124

$ 30.00

It's strength vs speed in this GRUELING big vs little match! "Three times the man, you're just a tiny little boy!" flexes the 290lbs Mark Muscle towering over his small opponent. Unimpressed, Flaco taunts the muscle giant sending him into a rage. Mark Muscle wraps his meathook hands around Flaco's throat in a choke-lift then BENDS him over his boulder shoulders in a fireman's carry nearly snapping Flaco in half! Groaning in pain, Flaco is dropped to the mat as Mark Muscle unleashes his power: an overhead press, upside-down belly to back bearhug, even rolling Flaco into a ball SWINGING him in the air. Mark Muscle flexes as Flaco struggles to get up and jumps on the giant's back with a tight sleeper, "Think you're so big?" Flaco squeezes as hard as he can, but Mark Muscle feels nothing as the lightweight moves to the giant's arm HANGING mid-air from his bulging bicep. "You can't even move me!" brags Mark Muscle. Flaco drops down and tries lifting the giant's tree-trunk leg, but Mark Muscle easily walks around with the 130lbs Flaco hanging off his leg. Playtime is over as Mark Muscle continues his beatdown. A NECK-BREAKING full nelson, shoulder carry, and crushing belly to belly bearhug has Flaco gasping for air crumbling over Mark Muscle's knee in a grueling back breaker! "Hurts so much!" pleads Flaco powerless to escape until the dominant Mark Muscle releases his hold. Barely moving, Flaco's tiny arms are WRENCHED behind his back as he's dragged to his feet for more torture. An upside-down belly to back bearhug, viselike headlock, fireman's carry, and SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors has Mark Muscle trying to rip his victim apart limb by limb! Struggling to breathe, Flaco is pressed overhead but breaks free sliding down the giant's back and tries for another sleeper. His blood boiling, Mark Muscle LAUNCHES Flaco to the mat and tries breaking his hands in a massive mercy challenge! Rib-cracking belly to belly bearhugs, a tight sleeper, and choke-lift has Flaco struggling to hang on, but he doesn't quit. Mark Muscle flexes as Flaco tries for a full nelson but can't reach around the heavyweight's thick traps. Desperate, Flaco locks in a STANDING CRUCIFIX straining to bring the giant down, but he is too strong. "You might be bigger, but you don't have my speed!" threatens Flaco. Angry, Mark Muscle charges in for an attack as Flaco repeatedly dives between his legs kicking him from behind. A vicious low blow sends Mark Muscle CRASHING down; Flaco struggles for a pin but is easily bench pressed across his gorilla-sized chest. Not giving up, Flaco tries weakening the giant with clotheslines, a sleeper, even lifting the 290lbs Mark Muscle in a bearhug and fireman's carry! This big vs little match heats up as a one-handed choke-lift, tight rear bearhug, and crushing body scissors lead to a SHOCKING knockout!