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Nick Sparx v Texas - Rough & Ready 126

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

The titans lock up as Texas quickly CRUSHES the new rookie's neck with his powerful pythons, "I already got you in a full nelson. You gotta be ready at all times in Thunders Arena!" "It's pretty cheap huh?" groans Nick Sparx as he finally flexes out tripping the big man to the mat. The newbie grabs the vet's ankle TWISTING as hard as he can as Texas howls in pain; his bones seconds away from snapping! "It hurts! You can't get me to tap!" The muscle beast struggles but escapes dragging Nick on top of his beefy frame and STRETCHES him out like a human torture table, "Get you nice and stretched out. You ain't getting out of this!" Sparx can barely move as Texas picks him up across his burly chest and drops him in an over-the-knee back breaker! "Is this the only thing you got, beat up my abs?" moans the newbie. The dominant vet slams his victim to the mat and locks in a brutal BALL & CHAIN forcing Nick to crawl on his knees, "Go forward, or I'm gonna pull it harder! Keep going!" Sparx is in agony as he's walked around like a dog infuriating him even more. As soon as he recovers, the rookie springs up taking the big man down with a vicious low blow. Both muscle hunks try and rip each other apart with ARM-BREAKING hammerlocks! "How's the arm now?" taunts Sparx. "It hurts!" groans Texas as he wrangles the newbie down to the mat rolling him in a tight cradle, "You can't get out of that grip, no sir. I can hold this all night!" A power struggle ensues as Nick fights to break the exhausting hold, "I don't think you're ready. I think somebody is tired!" His persistence pays off as he escapes and locks in a cradle of his own. "Not tight enough!" Texas LAUNCHES the newbie across the mat then hoists him up for a devastating over-the-knee back breaker! "The back again!" screams Sparx; his spine arched to its limits. "I got something to help your back!" A brutal Boston crab, hammerlock, and crushing ankle lock have the rookie barely able to get to his knees before he is tripped and kicked back down by the ruthless vet. "I'll give you a second; looks like you need it!" mocks Texas. "It's easy to use all that weight!" groans the rookie. A fire ignites inside Nick Sparx as he battles back SQUEEZING the muscle beast in a tight rear bearhug. "You got a good grip; I'll give you that!" "We're not done yet!" The newbie unleashes on big Texas: hammerlock, belly to belly bearhugs, barrage of brutal gut punches, a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. "Once I get out of this, I'm gonna kick your a**! This non-stop fight to the finish will have you guessing who will come out on top: leg locks, a vicious arm bar, ab and leg stretches, head scissors, an eye gouge! "I'm gonna stretch you further, TAP!"