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Vinny v Kid Romeo - Rough & Ready 128

$ 25.00
$ 31.59

"I can't wait to kick your a**! You ready son?" The behemoth towers over his small opponent as a nervous look sweeps across Kid Romeo's face, "Let's get this over with; as ready as I'll ever be!" Vinny barrels in wrapping his powerful pythons around the lightweight in a RIB-CRUSHING belly to back bearhug shaking him up and down! "You can work into the rough stuff you know!" moans Kid Romeo gasping for air. "I'm gonna crush you in pieces, make you my b****!" The muscle beast transitions to a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, forces his victim down to the mat, and stretches him out across his thick beefy frame in a human torture rack. A close up shot gives you full view of Kid Romeo's pulsating veins and chiseled abs ready to rip apart from the intense pressure! "How you feeling? I don't hear anything!" taunts Vinny. Barely able to move, the lightweight is drug up to his feet and sent crashing back down with a brutal CLOTHESLINE! The dominant behemoth stalks his fallen prey and delivers a vicious stomp to the groin as he howls in agony, "That's cheap!" Vinny winds up again and stomps his abs leaving him breathless on the mat as he wraps his bulging bicep around his throat, "Time to go night night!" Powerless to break free, the lightweight's chiseled frame goes limp in the muscle hulk's embrace as he passes out! You think it's over, but it gets much worse! Vinny's insatiable desire for more pain takes over as Kid Romeo wakes up clutching his aching neck. "Get up little boy!" A meaty forearm blow to the gut and massive CHOKELIFT has the small vet crumbling to the mat struggling to breathe. The ruthless torture continues: gut punch, Boston crab, a grueling ab stretch, "Pop your hip right out! Big, strong, powerful, you don't f*** with me!" Kid Romeo screams in pain as the muscle beast lifts him across his boulder shoulders SQUEEZING him tighter and tighter; his bones seconds away from snapping, "I can't fight!" His cries for mercy fall on deaf ears as he's thrown face first to the ground, and the behemoth sits on his back, "Crush you with all my bodyweight!" Vinny peels the lightweight off the mat and wraps his tree-trunk legs around his skull in a crushing leg sleeper! Kid Romeo struggles to stay conscious as the beast sucks every last breath from his lungs letting him go before he passes out. "Give me a second!" begs the lightweight as he's yanked up into a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug, "I love crushing little guys like you!" Kid Romeo is in agony and collapses to the mat as the brutal battle continues: a vicious arm bar, ab stretch, overhead press, clothesline, and viselike head scissors! The unstoppable Vinny makes a final sinister promise, "Break you in half; you're pathetic!" Will this be the end, or can a surprise comeback leave the big man down for the count?