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Stallion vs Eagle - Bodybuilder Battle 148

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

"I'm gonna wipe this mat with your face, and I'm not gonna stop until you beg me to stop!" Full of RAGE, the unstable behemoth is ready to explode from the vet's disrespect. "Those are real? They look like implants! How much you pay for those?" asks Eagle mocking Stallion's beefy pecs. "It's called hard work; you obviously wouldn't know nothing about that! I heard you lost to The Mountain; you couldn't handle all that muscle!" "I almost had him with these bad boys!" interrupts Eagle slapping his beefy quads. "You don't talk when I talk little boy! I'm not Mountain; they call me Stallion!" "More like baby mustang!" The muscle monster snaps charging in with a RIB-SHATTERING belly to belly bearhug, "You are so light; let's crack those ribs!" Eagle screams in pain as the behemoth transitions to a mid-air chokelift nearly breaking his neck. "Get up boy! I'm just getting warmed up!" Stallion yanks the bodybuilder up by his hair and CHOPS his chiseled abs with his meathook hands! "I talked to The Mountain; he said he broke you in nice and warm for me!" Barely moving, Eagle is dragged into a powerful full nelson then picked up and curled over and over across the giant's gorilla sized chest. Unable to escape, the vet is dropped across the heavyweight's knee trying to break more of his ribs! Eagle peels himself up off the mat when a vicious knee to the face sends him CRASHING down. The 260lbs behemoth mounts his prey's abs and slams his arms harder and harder into the ground! "Is that the best you got? Come on; fight me!" flexes Stallion challenging the vet to gut punch him as hard as he can, but he feels nothing. Eagle slowly gets up but surprises the beast with a flying body scissors and tries for a guillotine choke. "Little spider monkey, can't even get his arm around! Those poor tiny little legs are struggling so hard!" laughs Stallion flexing until he SLAMS the Adonis on the back of his head! An agonizing cradle and one-handed choke have Eagle struggling to kick out; Stallion easily lifts the bodybuilder into the air with one arm and slams him down even harder! "You got a free shot; take it!" taunts the muscle giant turning his back on his fallen victim. Time to play dirty as Eagle topples the big man with a vicious low blow and wraps his tree-trunk quads around him in SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors! Stallion groans in pain but incredibly gets to his knees lifting the muscle hunk on his shoulders. Panicked, Eagle flexes even tighter bringing the giant back down; but he narrowly escapes. Back on their feet, the Adonis charges in picking up the heavyweight and slams him on his face rolling him over for a Boston crab, but he feels nothing and starts doing push ups. Pissed off, Eagle lets the big man up jumping on his hulking back for a sleeper/scissor combo. "Gotta take the fun out of everything!" coughs Stallion gasping for air crumbling to the mat breaking free before passing out. The muscle monster retaliates with a crushing belly to belly bearhug; Eagle screams in pain and PUNCHES the big man in the face nearly knocking him out! Dazed on the mat, the vet body scissors the muscle giant as he groans in agony, "Legs are pretty strong for a little guy!" Angry, the behemoth escapes to his feet flexing his beefy frame, "There you go boy; that's what a real man looks like!" "Giddy up Stallion!" A MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINE sends the 260 pounder crashing down leaving him wide open for a massive bodysplash! The muscle hulk can barely catch his breath as Eagle digs his knee in his back and YANKS back his powerful pythons. Seething mad, the Italian giant flexes out and unleashes on the vet: elbows to the ribs, meaty forearm blows, guillotine choke, "Nobody does that to me and gets away with it!" Eagle crumbles to the mat but soon recovers with a surprise comeback: rake to the eyes, low blows, tight full nelson, powerful sleeper nearly putting the giant out! His hulking frame gasps for air as he's CHOKELIFTED into the wall and crumbles to the mat destroying the set. "Not that fun getting chokelifted is it?" taunts Eagle. "You made me tear this thing down; now the wall is ruined! What the hell is wrong with you?" yells Stallion dropping the vet with a punch to the face! His blood boiling, the mountain of muscle UNLEASHES his world of pain: torturous camel clutch, slaps to the face, chest chops, gorilla press, blows to the head and body, a thunderous bodysplash! The ruthless behemoth drags and carries his motionless victim around the arena setting into motion his final sinister plan, "Crush your rib cage; break that tiny little spine!" You won't believe what happens next!